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It relies on the way you press your hair.
The long answer to this query is:
The phrase pressing can mean different things if you happen to ask completely different straight people. To me pressing means taking a heated hair equipment like a flat iron or a pressing comb and operating it via the hair to straighten the hair. There are various factors involved on this course of which can decide whether or not pressing is sweet on your hair.

Pressing Can Profit Your Hair and Help It To Grow If:
1. You don’t press your hair at the very best temperature on your flat iron or urgent comb. Excessive heat can completely alter the protein bonds in your hair and trigger it to lose it’s naturally curly texture once you wash it. When urgent your hair, you should use sufficient heat 8 inch extensions to straighten it till you wash it again, however to not the purpose of permanently altering 8 inch extensions the pure texture of your hair. If you are utilizing that much heat, you’re damaging your hair.

2. You don’t press your hair each day. Again, making use of that a lot heat to your hair will usually trigger everlasting harm to your hair.

3. You don’t press relaxed hair. Hair that has been relaxed has already been weakened by the strong chemicals used on it. Adding heat to the mixture will trigger the hair to weaken additional.

4. You detangle your hair earlier than you press it. When you detangle your hair earlier than you press it, it’ll make the urgent comb go through your hair a lot easier and with much much less injury than for those who attempt to make use of the pressing comb to detangle your hair. I discuss tips on how to detangle hair earlier than urgent in my ebook Twelve Steps For Rising Black Hair.

5. You use moisturizing hair care merchandise to clean your hair and a thermal protectant, like Northwest Scents™ hair oil, when you are urgent your hair. I have found that one of the variations between hair that presses properly, and hair that is brittle and breaks whereas being pressed, is the type of product used on the hair. If you employ moisturizing merchandise on your hair, then your hair will probably be smoother and softer after you press it. My expertise is that when utilizing pure products, like Northwest Scents™, the heat of the pressing comb causes the natural oils to penetrate the hair shaft which in flip causes the hair to be softer and extra versatile. If you utilize harsh hair care merchandise, like harsh shampoos which dry out your hair, or merchandise made with lots of synthetic oils, these merchandise will dry out your hair and contribute to breakage if you are pressing your hair.

6. You wear your hair in order not to drag it out. When you press your hair after which wear it tightly braided or pulled right into a tight bun or ponytail, you will most likely cause hair breakage.

7. You utilize an electric tool. It’s best to make use of an electric equipment for urgent your hair (an electric urgent comb or electric flat iron ) so you’ll be able to regulate the temperature. Remember, you want to use sufficient heat to straighten your hair until the next wash, but not so much that you harm the protein structure.

8. You don’t get that burnt hair smell. When you odor your hair burning, you’re using an excessive amount of heat and also you want to show the temperature down.

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