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My #1 Trick To Soften, Declump And Defrizz Synthetic Hair

You already know the feeling.
Your artificial wig or topper felt great at first.

Delicate. Swishy. Flowy.
But after a couple of washes, it gets stiff after a few wears. Or clumpy. Maybe a bit frizzy on the ends. Dry-feeling.

Sound familiar
My synthetic wigs and toppers tend to get like this after awhile…and nobody likes a frizzy wig!

The “sweet” spot seems to be fleeting…you Want a couple of washes because it helps to remove shine and feel extra like “you”, however some of the softness is removed with every wash.

Damned in the event you do, damned when you don’t, right
More frequent washes will help, but that solely expedites the put on process: the more you put on the fibers down, the shorter the lifespan.

I’ve been utilizing this superior, awesome instrument for awhile and wished to share my expertise with you.
Before we get to the device, make sure to grab my superior downloadable + video information that particulars what I do to make my artificial hair final over a year:

Acquired it Ok, onto the software!
Easy Technique to Soften Synthetic Wigs (and remove Clumpiness, Too!)

I’m all about quick and simple.
I work, I have children, I’ve the blog…the less time it takes for me to fuss with my hair, the better (heck, that’s part of the reason why I moved to carrying hair in the first place!).

I try go about two weeks between washes. Somewhere on the 7-10 day mark, nevertheless, my artificial hair begins to feel just a little blah.

I definitely don’t need to clean it—heck, it’s midweek and I’m lazy—but it needs a bit of one thing to present it back its motion.

Possibly it’s too flat. Possibly it’s too frizzy. Maybe it’s too clumpy. And it’s undoubtedly not feeling as gentle as I’d like.

Enter the new air brush.
I like, love, LOVE this brush. And sure, it uses heat. On my regular artificial hair, not on heat-defiant (although it might work nice on HD fibers, too).

You learn it right ladies. I exploit heat on my artificial hair. The Helen of Troy Scorching Air Brush to be actual.

It is a should-have product for all artificial hair wearers – it’s saved my life on many busy mornings when i felt that my hair wasn’t fairly up to par.

I take advantage of the 1 1/2 inch barrel so it might more simply glide via my hair, however it does are available in different, smaller barrel sizes as properly.

The packaging appears a bit old fashioned, but this baby does the trick.
Not only does it do a fantastic job declumping and softening synthetic hair, but it’s even excellent to make 8a hair weave use of at the root so as to add some volume.

Because artificial hair can get flat, too, don’t you think
The piece within the video is my very old Long Mono High by Jon Renau.

This synthetic topper is O-L-D and is stiff and clumpy and gross.
I discuss this within the video beneath, but I’ve been carrying this piece on the weekends as a result of it’s the perfect density for sporting updos.

As a result of it’s so ratty, that’s about all it is good for.
Trust me.

I’ll tell you a secret: I don’t even brush this factor.
I clip it in, twist it up, and there is stays until the top of the day when i take my clip-in down and fling it on my bathroom counter.

There she rests for the week while I put on my Noriko Milan.
This hot air brush is awesome, and i figured I’d demonstrate its powers on this topper to show it.

I talk about this within the video, but I’ll give you a quick recap:
The process is sort of straightforward. You can use the brush on hair that’s been spritzed down with water or a favorite depart-in condition…or on dry hair.

I personally choose to make use of this after spraying my hair lightly with some leave-in, nevertheless, I do use it all the time on dry hair after i need a fast fix before heading to work.

I promise you won’t break your synthetic hair! You’ll just end up with delicate, higher-than-before hair.

Just transfer the brush down your hair, allowing the brush to dry the fibers. When you have the time, go as sluggish as you’ll be able to. If you happen to don’t have a ton of time, a quick run-through will still do wonders.

Once it’s all dry (or in the event you ran by the synthetic hair dry to begin with), you may take the highest layer and do another run-through. If you employ some water here, it may even help so as to add some physique and lift.

Have your ends gone dry and frizzy
The primary cross probably helped tremendously, but you can really focus on these ends to “fix” them. You can even use the hot air brush to reshape the ends and add a bit of a turn-below.

Appears easy, right
You’ll be left with synthetic hair that feels virtually-new: super-soft with great movement.

I showed my husband the video, and he promptly told me I looked nothing like myself.
Thanks, expensive.

Here’s a nonetheless pic of my was-frizzy-now-amazing hair.

Definitely check out the new air brush to help keep your synthetic hair delicate and frizz-free. It’s pretty inexpensive, and it’s a one-time investment that you’ll likely end up utilizing at least a number of times each month.

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