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The Nice Lice Lady

Mayonnaise on the scalp is a standard house treatment for head lice that has no proven effectiveness and most people who attempt it then wrap the scalp in plastic to include the mess. I am sure that this family was simply attempting to do the best factor and deal with this head lice. In this family, a boy had head lice as well but they shaved his head instead. That is frequent as the ladies generally don’t wish to shave their heads however the boys are often ok with it.

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This was a tragic accident that demonstrates how we can sometimes lose perspective when we panic over head lice. We are able to get so worked up about the bugs, which are rarely a well being risk, beautiful long weaves and this can cause us to take actions which can be rather more dangerous than the head lice themselves. Like placing a plastic bag over a kid’s head. Like the girl I met who slept in her car in the middle of winter considering that the chilly would kill the bugs when it may even have killed her. Or the families I’ve met which have tried to deal with their lice with their canine’s flea therapy. Or Raid. Or kerosene. Or gasoline.

It is clearly that this family liked their little lady and so they had been attempting to take care of her. Many people flip to dwelling treatments as a result of they can not afford the costly lice “treatments”, particularly since these remedies require repeated use. However, you do not need expensive merchandise – head lice may be treated very inexpensively with tools that you can use again and again. Lice combing on wet, conditioned hair is efficient and protected. You can get a superb lice comb for the same worth as any homemade concoction. In case you are coping with head lice, take the time to read the info in this blog and then proceed with good sense and perspective. Take care in what you do – remember that there are issues a lot worse than having head lice.

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