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Using The same Instance

A number of folks have requested me to clarify the concept of cross-knotting (cross-ventilation / 2-way knotting). The commonest knot utilized in traditional wig-making (besides in the Chinese factories) is the one, or flat, knot. When used properly, the single knot gives essentially the most natural look, especially if the hairs are knotted one-at-a-time.

Nevertheless, single knots can are likely to lie quite flat, with out much quantity. To combat this, the wig factories use split knots. These add lots of volume to the hair, however in my opinion they look horrible! Also, I believe that cut up knots shed way more easily than single knots, which is why factories typically resort to utilizing double split knots everywhere except the hairline. This just makes for an ugly end result, as far as I am involved, and the reason why a number of the factory wigs nonetheless look ‘wiggy’ and faux.

Cross-knotting allows the usage of single knots, but adds volume to the hair. It also adds a more freestyle direction to the knotting so that it isn’t set a lot in a single route.

The thought is that every second row of hair is knotted in an alternating path. The perfect option to get the thought is to see it illustrated, so this is a diagram showing the very basic concept:

Cross-knotting / 2-approach knotting
In this example, we want the general direction of the hair coming forward from the crown, in direction of the hairline. So every row is knotted bellami clip in bangs at slight, alternating angles to the ultimate course of bellami clip in bangs the hair.

10 Agrade tangle free Brazilian Virgin remy Hair4*4 Lace Closures Brazilian Bodywave free part with baby hair natural colorTo add much more volume and raise to the hair, a technique called REVERSE cross knotting is used, through which the hair path is knotted in the precise reverse direction from the final direction you require. Using the same example, again with the ultimate hair route being ahead from the crown in the direction of the hairline, it is actually knotted backwards at alternating angles.

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