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Wura’s Secret Hair: Stress-free Your Hair

Hey lovelies, hope you’re remy all well. Thank you to all my new subbies, hope everyone seems to be sticking to the rules of the Birthday Hair Growth Challenge. I thought to do a post on relaxer precautions to assist those who could also be unaware of how to prepare their hair for a relaxer. A relaxer is a chemical which usually incorporates sodium hydroxide (lye method) or guanidine hydroxide (no lye formula) and can therefore be extremely harmful if it not used properly. Relaxers work by using these highly effective chemicals to penetrate the cortex and break the disulfide bonds, thus straightening the hair. As soon as these bonds have been damaged, the process is irreversible and the hair will probably be straight until it grows out or is cut.

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Subsequently prior to stress-free your hair it can be crucial that your hair just isn’t broken to start with. In case your hair is breaking and is in unhealthy form don’t think a relaxer will repair the problem. To make sure that your hair is correctly protected prior to a relaxer, the following steps can be applied:

1. Clarifying wash: If you are going for an almost bone straight look then it will be significant that you wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo with comprises sulfates at least one – three weeks previous to relaxing it. This may totally cleanse your hair of any dirt, debris and such which will in flip result in straighter and longer lasting relaxer outcomes.

2. Protein remedy: One or two weeks before your relaxer, fortify your hair to be able to withstand this chemical process by utilizing an excellent protein deep conditioner after washing it. A protein treatment is important because it strengthens and rebuilds the hair.

3. Wait for at least every week after washing your hair before enjoyable it: That is certainly one of crucial tips; do not loosen up your hair immediately after washing it or after ready for a few days. If you relax your hair too soon after washing it you will expertise relaxer burns, hair breakage and such. Go away no less than a week interval previous to your relaxer, I personally look forward to about two weeks.

4. You may flat iron/straighten your hair: That is elective. Nonetheless for these who have stretched their relaxer for an extended time say twelve weeks and upwards, it is perhaps simpler to straighten the hair notably the brand new progress prior to relaxing it to reduce manipulation and hair breakage during the relaxer course of. For example if your hair dresser is not probably the most affected person of individuals, straightening your hair prior to stress-free it may be useful, additionally for those who self relax it is perhaps easier so that you can work with straightened hair.

5. Don’t scratch your hair: It is essential that you retain your fingers out of your hair from about two days before relaxing your hair, this is no matter how tempted you may get. Scratching your scalp before enjoyable it would solely end in relaxer burns. I have some expertise on this they usually haven’t been nice ones.

6. Wait not less than a week after taking out braids, weaves: Ensure that you don’t chill out your hair immediately after taking out a long term protecting model. It is nice to watch for some days so that your hair can recuperate after all the stress it has been put through. It’s necessary to do an intensive deep best affordable lace wigs conditioning therapy after taking down such hairstyles relatively than stress-free the hair instantly. Stress-free the hair quickly after taking off the type might result in hair breakage and relaxer burns.

7. You can base your scalp: As an additional precaution you possibly can choose to base your scalp with a gentle oil, nonetheless if you would like one thing heavier you’ll be able to strive shea butter. Please observe that something like shea butter may actually result in your new growth being under processed. Due to this fact make it possible for if you find yourself basing your scalp, any product is used sparingly besides if you are going for more of a texlaxed look. You should utilize other merchandise reminiscent of Vaseline, hair cream, it simply depends in your preference. Extra care should be given to sensitive areas such as the hairline, nape, tops of ears, edges to forestall chemical harm.

8. You may protect the remainder of your hair: You may apply product to the rest of your hair to forestall the relaxer from getting to your previously relaxed hair. Protecting the hair this way will forestall over processing, hair breakage and chemical harm to the hair. Products that can be utilized embrace hair creams, conditioners and so on.

Hope this post has been helpful, kindly share the way you all take care of your hair before relaxing it. Are there any errors you could have made that others might be taught from or is this all new to you I will do a put up quickly on relaxing hair correctly.

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