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Begin with clear detangled hair. I cowashed Anisa’s hair with Herbal Essence Hi there Hydration conditioner the day before doing this model. I utilized Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer after rinsing and detangling her hair. I put her hair into several massive plaits to let it dry. Before beginning her hair, I best hair tape eliminated the plaits and banded her hair for about an hour to stretch it some more.
I eliminated the bands and parted her hair into two sections.
I secured one aspect with a Goody’s Ouchless band and made my first part on the opposite side. The part was made on the nape. I secured the remainder of her hair with one other ouchless band and started braiding. The braids should go in direction of the half that’s within the middle. I used Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer whereas braiding her hair.
Continue to make components in any design that you select and braid.
I continued to make elements and braid her hair. I went ahead and launched the hair on that aspect and made a component at the top for one of her ponytails. You can do this earlier than you begin braiding if you would like. I secured the hair for the ponytail with one other ouchless band and continued to braid her hair.
I finished braiding her hair on that aspect and i went ahead and made one of the ponytails simply to indicate you ways it should look. You don’t must make your ponytails at this level.
Now you can begin braiding the other facet. Start by as soon as again parting the hair on the nape. I like for the braids on each sides to line up however that is up to you. If you can’t get the braids to line up exactly, don’t fear about it! It is going to be covered by the ponytails.
I continued to make my components and braid her hair. You’ll continue to do this till you are done braiding that side. I selected to braid Anisa’s hair almost all the way down. You would not have to do this. I did it to stretch her hair out some extra. You can make your second ponytail in the front at this level.
I began to part her braids to make the ponyhawk. The primary time I did this model, I used rubberbands. This time I selected to make use of ouchless bands instead. Nikki likes to soak her rubberbands in olive oil prior to utilizing them on A’s hair. So if you are using rubberbands, you might want to do that. I made a complete of sixteen cornrows – eight on every facet. I gathered four braids (2 braids from each facet) in an effort to make one ponytail. I ended up with 4 ponytails in all.
My next step was to unravel her braids with the intention to make the ponytails. I made 2 two-strand twists in every part so she ended up with eight two-strand twists in all. I applied Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter to her hair prior to making every ponytail.
I secured her entrance ponytails with black ouchless bands and the ponyhawk ponytails had been secured with dark pink and light pink bands. I completed off with pink barrettes and a pink bow twisty on every of the front ponytails. The twisties were on prime of the black ouchless bands.

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