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Learn how to Make A Silk Base Lace Top Closure Hair Items

Hair items and hair extensions are well-liked cosmetic accessories. They’re additionally a low value different to hair restoration, particularly after sure therapies and baldness. Silk top lace closures are 4-inch by 4-inch items which can be added to the crown of your head as a part of the braid hair weave course of. It consists of a layer of lace, and silk fabric with knots that are hid below between the silk layers, it is invisible knots thereby create an illusion best waves hair that the hair is actually growing from your scalp. Silk top lace closures are readily accessible in a variety of textures and colours that suit your style. you may be able to save some cash by making your individual silk base closure.

Things needed:
4-by-four size silk base hair closure, sixteen to 18 inches lengthy.
2 hair pins or clips.
2 curved threading needles.
1.Braid your hair into vertical cornrows. Place a 4-by-four size silk-base closure at the top center of your (or your shopper’s) head within the spot where you need to attach it. Mark this area by creating two horizontal braids that run from the center entrance of your scalp to the back, spaced two or three inches apart and 4 inches lengthy.

2.Place the silk base lace closure on prime of the horizontal best waves hair braids. Hold the silk base closure against your head with two hair pins, one at the entrance and one at the again of the lace closure piece.

3.Insert two curved threading needles into the braided hair beneath the entrance of the base closure. Thread natural or artificial hair via the needles’ eye.

Grade 6A Indian Virgin Hair 3 Bundles Deep Curly Hair Extensions 300g With 1pcs Middle Part Lace Closure Natural Black4.Thread a lock stitch into the proper front side of the silk base closure, attaching it to your head. Create a lock stitch by sliding the needle via the silk base so that you just create a loop with the hair, slide the needle again by means of the loop to lock the loop into place. Repeat twice, then swap to the left aspect of the lace closure. Sew three lock stitches with the curved threading needle on the left aspect of the lace closure. Transfer back to the fitting facet and repeat the process. Continue stitching, three lock stitches at a time, alternating facet to facet until the hair closure is connected completely.

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