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What number of Hair Extensions Do You Want

When we get an enquiry from a new client who has had hair extensions earlier than, we often ask “Do you already know how many hair wave extensions you want ” Some know precisely what coverage they have but others have no idea, or what they actually need could be very totally different from what they suppose they want. It’s no shock really as salons and freelance hair extensionists are utilizing many different ways to calculate coverage. So, whether or not you’re simply contemplating having hair extensions applied or you’re an experienced wearer, if you’d like to what number of hair extensions would be best for you, learn on….

The phrase ‘coverage’ crops up quite a bit when looking at the value of hair extensions – all this means is what number of particular person hair extensions are applied to realize your required look.

NuTress follows the trade standard
– A Quarter Head is approx. 50 micro bonds (2-three rows)
– A Half Head is approx. One hundred micro bonds (3-4 rows)
– A 3 Quarter Head is approx. 150 micro bonds (5-6 rows)
– Full Head is approx. 200 micro bonds (7-8 rows)

Not following these requirements makes it not possible for you to check costs. Some salons use the quantity of length added, or the amount of rows applied or the weight of the hair used to calculate protection.

Size added – some salons consider adding just best weave styles some inches of length as a Full Head, no matter what number of bonds are utilized. And because just 100 bonds will be sufficient so as to add plenty of size to longer, Thin/Fine and High-quality/Average hair, some salons label what is definitely round a Half Head as a Full Head.

Rows utilized – some salons consider 6 rows of hair extensions to be an ordinary Full Head. Nevertheless, it takes far much less hair to build 6 rows of hair extensions for shoppers with positive/skinny density hair than it does for those with average or thick density hair. The truth is, we usually discover that around a hundred and fifty micro bonds are wanted for 6 rows, which is in reality a 3/4 Head, whereas our Full Head of 200 hair extensions is often enough to use up to eight rows.

Weight of hair applied – lets be real, how would you even know where to begin with this The load of each hair extension varies in keeping with ethnicity and length, i.e. all micro bond hair extensions are roughly the identical density but Indian hair is heavier than European hair and an 18” hair extension will weigh more than a 10” hair extension. As a consequence, a a hundred gram bundle of 10” hair will produce many more hair extensions than a a hundred gram bundle of 18” hair. Except you work within the hair extensions business, how would you even know the place to start We’ve seen examples of simply 30 grams of 10” hair being described as a Half Head. 30 grams of 10” hair produces around 65 micro bonds, a third less than the trade normal one hundred bonds. Would you know the best way to calculate this Of course you wouldn’t.

Not using the trade normal stops you from making an knowledgeable choice. Quite often, prices appear to be decrease than they actually are, it’s solely at the session that purchasers with Average/Thick and Thick hair are presented with a far higher price. Worse still, some shoppers are paying for what they imagine is a full head of hair extensions when actually they’re having a lot less utilized.

What number of Hair Extensions Do You Want
This actually depends upon the density and length of your natural hair, and the look you want to attain.

1. Hair Density
First, it is advisable know what type of density your hair is. This doesn’t mean how thick each individual hair is but how much hair you may have. Now we have clients with hair which could be very coarse and thick however because they don’t have a variety of it, total, their hair density is ok/Average. We even have shoppers with very fine particular person hairs but heaps and lots of it, making their overall hair very thick and dense.

Mid Size, Skinny/High-quality Hair
Mid length, skinny/wonderful hair takes just a minute or 2 to blast dry, is ‘see through’ at bob size, when tied again the ponytail may be very sparse. This kind of hair is usually unmanageable and when grown to shoulder length it’s very thin and wispy.

Ali Larter’s picture was the most effective we could provide you with to display this sort of hair. Within the snaps of each other celeb we found with skinny/effective hair, they have been either sporting hair extensions to add quantity or had been sporting the shortest of pixie crops!

Mid Size Fantastic/Common
Mid length fine/common hair like Cameron’s takes round 3-four minutes to blast dry, it can be tied right into a respectable however not very weighty ponytail. When grown past shoulder size this hair type lacks weight and quantity

Mid Length Average/Thick Hair
Mid length average/thick hair takes round 5 minutes to blast dry. When tied again the pony tail is weighty and dense. Hair like Rosie’s is very versatile and suits quite a lot of cuts. It tends to be sturdy and durable.

Mid Length Very Thick Hair
Mid length very thick hair takes up to 10 minutes to blast dry. When tied again, the very heavy ponytail is thick and dense. Shoppers with hair like Mila’s often complain that it’s too thick.

2. Hair Size
Next, it’s essential look at the length of your pure hair.

Very Short Hair
When you have very quick hair like Danni
So as to add size you will need –

Skinny/Fantastic hair – will need as much as a full head
Wonderful/Common hair – will want a full head.

Common/Thick and very Thick hair – will need a full head plus
Even should you solely have your hair extended to your shoulders, plenty of hair extensions are wanted to blend with very brief hair. If too few extensions are used, the consequence shall be stringy, unnatural and could go away you with a ‘lid’ – that is the place the shortest layer of the pure hair doesn’t mix and might clearly be seen.

Chin to Shoulder Length
If like Fern your hair is Chin to Shoulder Length

Skinny/Nice hair – round 75-100 hair extensions can be needed so as to add hair of as much as 12”in size.
For longer lengths and many volume 100-a hundred and fifty hair extensions are needed.

Fine/Medium hair -to add hair that’s around 12” in length approx. 100-125 hair extensions are wanted. For longer lengths and plenty of volume 125-175 hair extensions are wanted.

Medium/Thick hair – around 12” hair can be added with 125-175 hair extensions. For longer size and many volume 150-200 hair extensions are wanted.

Very Thick hair – round 12” lengths could be added with 150-200 hair extensions. For longer lengths and plenty of volume 200 or extra hair extensions are needed.

Previous Shoulder Length
If like Jennifer your hair is Past Shoulder Size

Thin/Advantageous hair – As much as 16” size hair might be added with around a hundred hair extensions. Longer lengths and plenty of volume could be added with around 100- 125 hair extensions.

Wonderful/Average hair – As much as 16” length hair could be added with 100 to one hundred fifty hair extensions, a lot of length and volume can be added with 125-175 hair extensions.

Common/Thick hair – Hair of round 16” in size might be added with 125-175 hair extensions, a number of length and quantity could be added with around 150-200 hair extensions.

Very Thick hair – round 175-200 hair extensions could be want to add 16” hair, longer lengths could be added with round 200 or extra hair extensions.

Adding Quantity

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Even for those who add simply 10 hair extensions, quantity to some extent shall be added. We now have purchasers who’ve anything from 25-seventy five bonds so as to add quantity. The preferred quantity so as to add is a Quarter Head of fifty bonds.

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