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’ He Answered

Recently I went to the gym, whereupon an incredibly good-trying youthful man instructed me, ‘I like your hair, who did you do this for ’ ‘Me,’ I mentioned. ‘Who else ’ He answered: ‘A charity ’ A number of days earlier, when my 19-year-old nephew saw me he was gobsmacked, laughing, ‘I can’t believe I have an aunt with pink hair!’

I find reactions like these hilarious, but what’s actually attention-grabbing is that it bought me observed. If you are feeling you’re starting to develop into invisible, go pink. I’ve worked behind the scenes with Kate Winslet, Jessica Chastain, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, so being centre stage has never been my thing. But if you find you’re all of the sudden strolling down the street and no one is taking a look at you, that’s different.

Lately, we’re all obsessed, me included, with our phones and Instagram, and spend so much time with our heads down, we just don’t notice anyone any extra. Thankfully, having pink hair makes everybody look up again. If nothing else, it was an unbelievable ego boost.

It did wonders for my skin, too: it’s an unbelievably flattering colour for someone older. I have realised why Barbara Cartland surrounded herself in blush pink. Now I can honestly say I have essentially the most amazing piercing blue eyes.

I’m not vain; it’s simply that with bundle hair king my pink hair, I think I appeared nice – I could just wear bronzer, brown eyeshadow and moisturiser. Being pink became my normal, and people noticed me. It didn’t changed my attitude to getting older – it’s tough whatever anybody tells you – however it actually added another aspect of fun to my already very youthful, very cheerful bundle hair king life.

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