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Quassia: A Godsend For Gardeners

Quassia: a Godsend for Gardeners
Updated on January 1, 2018 Kim French moreKim has been gardening and rising her own meals for over 27 kinky years. She is a Grasp Gardener and loves to discover agricultural challenges.

Contact Writer Introduction to Quassia
Quassia amara is a small tree that grows within the Amazon. This tree is native to Brazil, Peru, Venezuala, Columbia, Argentina, Guyana, and Suriname (I’ve by no means even heard of this country). I do not remember how Quassia ended up in my 500 World Flora Quest, however there she is. There may be little or no information about this tree, it needs to be explored additional.

I had stumbled upon a tropical plant database and a incredible write up about this superb tree. The creator was a Leslie Taylor. I linked the total write up beneath. I had been on the lookout for conventional uses of various plants and i had found on this write up, simply that.

The indigenous folks’s of the realm use the leaves and wood of this tree to treat quite a lot of ailments, from malaria, measles, indigestion, parasites, and the list goes on. A chilly maceration is ready that kills both lice and nits. This trees wood additionally kills mosquitoes and their larvae and is used to fight malaria, a mosquito born sickness.

Standing water attracts mosquitos….which suggests buckets of water for canines, swimming swimming pools, drip pans, and toad pools are all subject to mosquito infestation…

I had to acquire this….yesterday….


Backyard Pest
Click on thumbnail to view full-measurement What this implies for the gardener…
To begin with….Solely 1% of bugs are an issue within the garden. The rest of them…we want to keep. They are useful insects. No matter you spray in your plants will have an effect on the nice bugs as properly because the dangerous ones. Earlier than spraying something on any of your plants, keep in mind that. Bees, lady bugs, praying mantis, spiders, roly poly’s are all beneficial insects. What you spray affects them alongside the bad.

If you backyard indoors…you discover that 1%….aphids, spider mites, scales, creepy flies……. eck!. Not solely are they annoying, they harm and even kill your plants!.

So what’s up with all of the pesticides A pesticide, is any substance meant for stopping, destroying, repelling, mitigating any pest. Numerous pests. Not simply insects. But dangerous organisms, together with herbs, and fungus.

Pesticide: kills multiple insects and pests. Nature provides many plants to deter and kill, pests.
Insecticide: An insecticide is a pesticide that kills grownup insects and their larvae. There are many natural insectides rising in nature. Anise, Cedar, Cinnamon, Tea Tree, Neem, Eucalyptus, Garlic, Onion, Tobacco, and Quassia are solely a smidgen of insecticidal plants.

Pediculicide: Kills Lice! Nature also supplies us with plants that do that. Anise, Coconut, Neem, Tea Tree and Quassia have been used traditionally to kill lice.

Larvicide: Kills an insects Larvae. Primarily, Mosquitoes. Nature offers us this as effectively. Allspice, Dill, and Quassia are the only ones I’ve found.

Quassia does the entire above…by itself….
The significance of Quassia’s skills to kill all issues that infect home plants is astronomical! This is a dream come true. If this works….

Insecticidal OIls
Natures Other Insecticides
Nature presents us many options for pure insecticides and pest deterrents. Some are used as companion plants to maintain select insects (or pests) from attacking crops, others are made into sprays to kill or thwart off offending insects. Some are comparatively protected, others could be poisonous if ingested.

One of the best ways to regulate insects is to not have insects to regulate. However that isn’t at all times the case. Typically it occurs. In that case, it’s best to choose the least toxic but efficient remedy doable.

Here is an summary of a few of natures pure organic pesticides…
Insecticide (pesticide):
Anise: for Lice

Cedar: fleas and flies, Cedar wooden is used each within the backyard and in excessive end development for its ability to repel insects.

Cinnamon: cats and deer despise cinnamon and additionally is used as a pure fungicide.
Tea Tree: ticks, mattress bugs, and Lice

Eucalyptus: repels flies. Is planted to dry up mosquito breeding grounds.
Garlic: an efficient companion plant for roses to deter aphids but additionally employed in a spray

Onion: also an efficient companion plant to deter aphids, borers, and rabbits.
Tobacco: leaves are steeped in water for an effective insect deterrent. Not recomended for plants supposed for consumption.

Quassia: has been confirmed effective at killing all levels of insect improvement
Neem: efficient towards white flies, aphids, caterpillars, thrips, leaf miners, mealybugs, scale crawlers, and beatles

Anise: has been used to kill lice, Anise Oil is added to a fat or oil and utilized to hair.

Coconut: oil is used to smother the lice, killing by suffocation.
Neem: is used much like coconut oil and kills Lice

Tea Tree: added to shampoos to kill Lice
Quassia: a chilly maceration is used to kill Lice and Nits

Allspice: comprises larvicidal properties
Dill: dill has been used as a companion plant to deter carrot white fly. It is oil added to insecticides to kill larvae.

Quassia: has been shown to be efficient towards Larvae, primarily mosquito’s
Over the past 27 years or so I’ve fought the battle of bugs from inside to exterior. I’ve planted groundcovers to deter ants, used oils in corners to deter spiders, created natural sprays from garlic, onions, and cayenne, added oils, and made homemade soaps. If it is not one pest, it is another one. Till now, there has not been one product to do all of it, safely.

Kills Parasites
Kills Lice

Kills Insects
Kills Larvae

Click on thumbnail to view full-measurement Using Quassia
And the testing started….
I dont like using chemicals. I swear I’ve tried every organic tip and trick known to man to keep away from bugs in the primary place…nonetheless..

Spider mites are the most important indoor downside. They kill your plant slowly by feeding on it from the undersides of leaves. They spin these nasty little webs which are straightforward to see. …you watch causes of split ends in hair as your plant slowly dries up and simply dies, typically virtually overnight! Spider Mites are EVIL!

Black Gnats are silly little flies that stay within the soil. They’re more annoying than anything else, but a houseplant problem nonetheless. They are comparatively simply controlled with a larvaecide….

Aphids have been complained about, although I’ve never personally experienced them indoors. Outdoors, nevertheless, they’ve attacked my beloved roses and I’ve seen them on my shoppers lupines.

There are other indoor pests on the list, mealy bugs, scale, root aphids, rust mites, and some more. Quassia should cease all of them.

Utilizing Quassia is simple. Place two Tablespoons of wooden chips in a mason jar, cowl with chilly water, and permit to face 24 (minimal) hours. Strain off the water to a squirt bottle. Spray infected plants liberally. You can literally watch spider mites scurry and die…

Spray the plants soil properly and people nasty soil creeps are stopped lifeless of their tracks. For an excellent simpler soil cleanse, water the contaminated plant with a Quassia maceration.

Don’t throw those chips out..they can be used a number of times. And if you suppose you have sapped them dry Recycle them to your potting mixture.

Further and Helpful Info on Quassia
Tropical Plant Database entry for: Amargo – Quassia amara
This free online Tropical Plant Database comprises indepth data and documentation on Amargo – Quassia amara
Be proactive
Be responsible! Should you select to attempt Quassia in your house, buy from reputable salespersons. Please don’t encourage further destruction of our rainforests.

I hope you found this info as helpful as I did. I can’t say sufficient constructive things about it. Quassia is my #1 go to for pest plant care.

Please be at liberty to depart feedback below. Share your Quassia expertise, thoughts, and insights.
As at all times, Comfortable Gardening!

sendingJudith Loring 5 months in the past
Good article. Quassia amara is also referred to as amargo, bitter-ash, bitter-wooden, or hombre grande (spanish for large man). I initially used Quassia on your recommendation and I’ll never use one other pesticide! Nonetheless as an alternative of pouring the water off the bark and using that water in a spray bottle, I merely left the bark within the spray bottle. Simply will get stronger and stronger and the bark items don’t plug up something.

Wikipedia ( says the name comes from Kwasimukamba or Graman Quassi (additionally spelled Quacy, Kwasi and Quasi) who was was a Surinamese healer, botanist, slave and later freedman of the 18th century, who is right now finest identified for having given his title to the plant species quassia. Surinam is a sovereign state on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. It is bordered by French Guiana to the east, Guyana to the west and Brazil to the south. One among his cures was a bitter tea that he used to treat infections by intestinal parasites, this concoction was primarily based on the plant Quassia amara which Carolus Linnaeus named after him, as the discoverer of its medicinal properties. Quassia continues to be used in industrially produced medicines in opposition to intestinal parasites at the moment. In contemporary accounts he was described as “one of the vital extraordinary black males in Suriname, and perhaps the world.”

Interesting that you simply name it a tree altho you are perhaps right. One site calls it a shrub or not often a small tree, rising to three m tall. ( Chemically, there may be within the wooden a share of 0.09 to 0.17% of quassin and 0.05 to 0.11% of neoquassin detected in Costa Rician plants. Quassin is one of the most bitter substances found in nature. Antagonistic results on helpful organisms will not be found. In Switzerland, you can buy a licensed formula for natural farming.

Like several poorly studied alternative chemical applied to meals crops, Quassia extract could have unknown well being penalties. A examine on rats in 1997 discovered that Quassia extract considerably reduced their fertility, reducing testes size, sperm quality and serum testosterone. See the site quoted above. That same site says that after soaking for 24 hours, it’s cooked for 30 min. after which diluted with 2.6 to 5.Three US gal of water and used as a spray altho that recipe is more for spaying of hectares rather than on home plants or garden vegies.

Also used as a digestive, to deal with fever, but with malaria, I’m unsure if it is used to deal with results of getting malaria or as a tea to be drunk to not get malaria in the first place.

Thanks for writing this text. I hope it helps develop knowledge of this fantastic natural natural wonder!

AuthorKim French 5 months ago from Stevensville, Montana

Alexa Rain 5 months in the past from egypt
100g Straight Indian Remy Hair #27 Strawberry BlondeAll the time you have got particular plants with fantastic benefits. Great Hub.

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