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Hair Extensions have became very fashionable throughout the previous several years. Wherever you look, someone is carrying hair extensions, or performing them. The preferred hair extensions are Micro-cylinder (no adhesives) or Fusion hair extensions, which uses adhesives and will trigger harm later on.

At Hair Goddess Of NY, micro-cylinder hair extensions are performed, however the uniqueness I am ready to supply are custom imported hair from numerous international locations relying in your pure hair texture. Hair Goddess Of NY begins with 100% human hair imported from selected regions of Europe and Russia. By tons of legwork and analysis, I teamed up with an insider, and was able to safe by way of the U.S. authorities, the one impartial importers of Real virgin human hair. All other salons and people simply say “I’ve the very best hair.” They simply repeat what their huge provider tells them. I’m in contract with a number of now and am able to truly supply full cuticle single drawn human hair extensions. I exploit Greek, Spanish, French, and Italian hair from Western Europe. From classy hair and wigs Japanese Europe, I exploit Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, and hair from Ukraine. The textures I supply are straight, slight wavy, body wave, a natural wave, loose curl, and curly hair extensions. Only a educated eye, like my own, would be capable of know which origin gives actual matching curls to the consumer’s own.

Above are some bundles of virgin human hair from considered one of the many suppliers I’m in contract with. Be aware, this hair is within the rawest state it may probably be in. This implies it has by no means been chemically handled or undergone any potential damaging treatments.

Virgin human hair sells for a large profit, and is probably the most expensive hair available on the market right now due to it is scarcity. Shoppers have to attend generally longer than six months to get their fingers on several ounces. At Hair Goddess Of NY, I buy bundles in advance when my importers receive new stock to avoid this downside for my clientele. Because the demand will increase, the dwindling supplies drive many exporters to resort to padding ponytails with shorter hair lengths, dried out outdated hair and processed Asian hair with claims of virgin authenticity. As you may inform, this can be a recipe for disaster. Because of this, most people do not believe virgin hair still exists.

Due to the scarcity of virgin human hair, this classy hair and wigs creates an excellent greater demand, causing a spike in worth. The high prices coupled with fixed absence from suppliers’ inventory shelves at all times lead a product in direction of doom. Quickly this hair will grow to be a reminiscence to the few fortunate, that were able to experience it.

120g-200g 10pcs Straight Clip In Remy Hair Extensions #24 Sandy BlondeHair Goddess Of NY, also presents a premium label, which is hair that has been processed and is often more coarse in texture than the virgin hair provided. It is not as mushy as virgin hair, nevertheless, generally it is extra suitable for the common shopper.

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