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Beads, Braids And Beyond

100% Peruvian Virgin Hair Deep Curly Hair Extensions 4 Bundles 12inch to 32inch Natural Black 400gI positioned A’s freshly washed hair in 10 giant single braids for a day to stretch her hair out a bit.
The subsequent day I took the braids out and added a generous quantity of Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer to her hair. I finger detangled a bit then used our modified Denman Brush.
I parted her detangled hair from ear to ear then tied the again off to get it out of my hair.
I began parting with the tip of my metallic rat tail comb at a slight slant starting on the appropriate facet of her head. I added a bit of Bee Mine Curly Butter and cornowed that part.
When you have no idea the best way to curly hair washing cornrow, try our Cornrowing for Inexperienced persons publish.
After cornrowing the primary part I split the top section of hair right in the center, then began parting at the very front of the center part. I continued to half down at a slant and cornrowed that part.
I then parted about an inch back from the second cornrow, once again, at slant.
I continued parting at a slight slant until I got to the middle of her hair. I parted those sections just a little more straight again.
I went to the left side of her head and did the same precise factor.
I also want to note, as I finished every cornow, I braided about half an inch down.
After I used to be accomplished cornowing the top section, I gathered the first three cornowed sections on the appropriate facet of her hair, sprayed her hair with slightly water then added a little bit Bee Mine Curly Butter and started doing a three strand twist with those three sections.
Click here for our three strand twist video tutorial.
I went to the left facet of her hair, gathered the primary three cornows on that aspect, and proceeded to a few strand twist these sections as well.
Since the other cornrowed sections had been a little bit larger/thicker, I merely wet each section, added the curly butter, and three strand twisted every part alone.
I then took down the back of her hair, sprayed it with a bit water and started grabbing large sections to twist. I didn’t use a comb for these sections, I simply used my fingers.
In the morning I took her three strand twists out and she obtained a nice, delicate and fluffy twist out! I took a wide tooth comb and fluffed the roots up a bit and she was all prepared for college!

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