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How To Make A Powdered Wig For A Judge, Barrister, Or Footman

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How to Make a Powdered Wig for a Choose, Barrister, or Footman
Up to date on October 11, 2011 tandemonimom lm moreContact Author Easy, Easy-to-Follow Directions for an 1800s-Style Powdered Wig
The frog footmen in our homeschool production of Alice in Wonderland needed powdered wigs – and there were three frog footmen! No approach to keep the acquisition of three wigs within price range, so I knew I would have to make them myself. I would made a yarn wig for a handmade doll once, however that was extra time-consuming than I wished, and i didn’t know how I would make the side curls wanted for a proper footman’s wig.

Googling round, I saw some people making an attempt to do it with toilet paper rolls, however I simply could not see that turning out properly. Then I discovered a reference to somebody making a powdered wig out of quilt batting, and that i knew I had what I wanted. All rights reserved.

The formal powdered wig, historically worn by a judge, barrister, or footman,
dates again to the peruke or periwig worn by most European males of the 18th century.

Photograph supply: Parrucche.com
Powdered Wig – Primary Supplies – The right way to make an inexpensive powdered wig!
The basic supplies are quite simple. Besides needle and thread, you want plain white quilt batting, and both a baseball cap you’ll be able to minimize up, or an inexpensive painter’s cap, which you can find for under a dollar at any hardware store. This forms the base of the wig that can sit on the pinnacle, and in addition provides you something to use for shaping the wig.

Step one is to take away the bill of the cap. This is simple to do with a seam ripper, or just a pair of sharp scissors. Do not simply lower it off, as you may be left with a sharp and too-stiff plastic edge left within the hat seam of the hat.

Shaping the Powdered Wig to the top – Fortunately the quilt batting is forgiving and simple to shape. I just worked it into the shape I wanted, somewhat than havin
Lower a square of quilt batting about 24″ x 24″ square. This doesn’t need to be good, as we’ll be trimming away loads from the edges; simply make sure you have enough to work with.

Since I am making a frog footman wig, I outlined a big widow’s peak (in blue) to enhance the shape of the frog’s eyes and face. If you make a powdered wig for a human reasonably than a frog footman, a straight hairline will probably be a lot simpler to work with, so you do not need the giant widow’s peak.

(You can see how delighted my 9-12 months-old son is to be my mannequin!)
Lower out the eye bumps from the quilt batting and the cap as effectively; if you make a straight hairline then just match the edge of the wig to the edge of the cap. Observe that in case your cap has a vibrant logo, as mine does, Do not put the logo in its place on the forehead! It could show by the quilt batting. I put the logo to the aspect, so that it could be properly-lined by the roller curls.

Tack the quilt batting to the cap across the eyes however don’t go additional yet! This may be tacked at intervals of a couple of inches, but ensure you are taking Quick stitches on the facet that reveals and put the lengthy stitches on the inside, to keep from getting a “line” of stitches that shows.

Once the brow is tacked down, clean the batting over the crown of the cap and down the sides. Begin tacking the batting around the lower edge of the cap. You should have just a few lumps and wrinkles over the ears, but ease the majority of the additional batting toward the again of the wig, to kind the queue (or ponytail).

Again, tack your stitches every couple of inches, but keep the stitches very Short on the outside, and long on the inside.

All this bulk gathered toward the back will probably be formed and curled to make the wig’s queue, or ponytail, which can be tied with a ribbon.

Quilt Batting – A roll of batting for a twin-dimension quilt yields more than enough for several wigs.
Simplicity Traditional Loft Quilt Batting-Twin Measurement seventy two Inch X96 InchExamine the thickness of your batting. If it is skinny or easy to see by way of, double the layers. Whether it is thick sufficient, one layer will do.

Buy Now Adding the Side Curls to the Powdered Wig – Each curl for the footman wig is rolled and connected individually.
Reduce a piece of batting about 6″ x 9″, and roll it the long way, so that you’ve got a 6″ wide curl. On the aspect with the edge, do a loose in-out running stitch to tack the rolls together. Do not go all the way through the roll with the stitches; go through many of the layers to hold it collectively however NOT the outside layer of the roll, the one that will show on the wig.

Place the top curl on the road of stitching holding the batting to the cap. It will effectively conceal any wrinkles within the batting. Stitch the curl roll to the wig Without going all the way by way of the curl, which would spoil the roundness of it. Tack it or use a running stitch, but keep the stitches hidden.

I created my wig with three curls on each aspect; you could use more (make smaller rolls for the curls), or just one or two, depending on the look you want. You would even make rows of shorter curls that go all the way in which around the pinnacle, or put more curls into every row to fall all the way to the shoulder for more of a conventional decide’s wig (you will need to start out with greater than a 24-inch square if you want the curls to fall to the shoulder).

Before trimming excess wig, gather the back a part of the wig and tie it off. This way you can simply see where there’s an excessive amount of, and where you want to leave the wig uncut. Trim the surplus facet wig away from the curls. Trim the curls to be the same width, if needed. Trim from the forehead hairline easily to the side curls. The edges do not should be finished.

If the load of the curls causes the decrease ones to sag away from the upper ones an excessive amount of, use a running stitch from the bottom of one curl to the top of the next.

Forming the Queue, or Ponytail, of the Wig
Once the remainder of the wig is to your satisfaction, look on the tied-off back part of the wig. First trim the sting so that it is roughly even, barely rounded (just like the ends of hair), and you don’t have a corner hanging longer than the rest. Then lower it into four or five sections, almost to the tie. Roll every section lengthwise and use a running stitch to hold the roll closed. Do not pull it too tight, or sew all the way by way of the part, so that you don’t mess up the smoothness of the curl.

Have you Ever Tried to Make a Wig
I make professional wigs.

I’ve made a yarn wig for a costume or doll.
I’ve made wigs from found materials, form of like this quilt batting wig.

Nope, never!
See outcomes The Completed Powdered Wig – A powdered wig fit for a king, choose, barrister, or footman!
The powdered wig is finished! Add a black ribbon and bow around the queue to match the rest of your costume, and you are set! I will cute short weaves submit pictures of the frog footman costume, complete with wig, once it is completed.

The unique Frog Footman – 1865 illustration by Sir John Tenniel
The frog footman and the fish footman, one among Sir John Tenniel’s ninety-two unique illustrations for Alice in Wonderland in 1865.

Public domain picture from Wikimedia Commons.
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