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What It’s Like To survive Rotator Cuff Surgery – My Story

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Two weeks ago having completed submit op week 7, I was very disenchanted to be taught I needed to endure “The Sling And that i” for a minimum of two extra weeks. The Sling and that i were considering filing for divorce at that point! I just hit the tolerance wall one day for no obvious motive and it was all I could don’t to simply “sling it.”

Properly, right this moment was my postop week 9 checkup with the surgeon. He was very pleased with how the whole lot is looking. He informed me I could truly begin moving my arm in any course (woo hoo!!) and added extra exercises for the PT people. This was cause for a huge celebration! I settled, however, for driving house with out the sling on and pumping my own gas for the primary time in over two months! I additionally chopped up a bunch of veggies to make some homemade vegetable soup. All in all it was fairly thrilling!

The only restriction on me now could be that I’m not allowed to lift anything. I can live with that for awhile!

He also gave me the good news that in three extra weeks I shall be allowed to begin strengthening workout routines! It will likely be good to be allowed to do one thing more proactive than just resting my shoulder!

Bodily Therapy With The new Exercises
Had my first PT with those yesterday – delayed because I spent a couple of days within the hospital attributable to a cellulitis infection in my leg. All the workout routines felt nice, brought about no ache, only a form of weird feeling because the muscles had not been moved in so long.

In two more weeks we get to begin strengthening workout routines – I am very excited about that! Give me some work and let me get this arm again!

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sendingShirley Hughes three weeks in the past

This was a lot assist and comforting, thanks
Bren P 2 years in the past

Hello Sheila..I know you’re well previous your process now and it sounds like all the things turned out nice. I just wished to praise you in your nice attitude and say thanks for sharing. I fell like a klutz 3 weeks in the past and had surgery 1 week ago for a partial shoulder substitute and cuff tear. I’m miserable and I have not stopped tearing up and the way things are going I will in all probability be a giant child the complete 8+ weeks! I’m in a Don Joy immobilizer brace with a big foam block between my arm and my body. I’ve by no means been in a straight jacket (actually, I have not!) however I guess it feels very similar to this. It is constructed with 98% Velcro which tends to poke through in the most painful (and private) locations. I HATE Velcro now! Even the most snug place to take a seat/sleep I’ve discovered (recliner) leaves much to be desired in any position. I am additionally plugged in to a cooler system that circulates ice water. The “cape” with the cooling chambers must be placed on with assist and elastic bandage-kind fasteners. I hate elastic bandages now too! 🙂 each time I recline every part rides up in an try to strangle me.. Although I’ve by no means been in a prison cell (actually I have never ) I am pretty sure I would be extra comfortable in a 6 x 6 jail cell. I’m no stranger to pain. I’ve survived most cancers, have lived with fibromyalgia for 15+ difference between coloring and dyeing hair years, and have disc degeneration in the lumbar and cervical spine, and arthritis, most pronounced in my hips. I believed I knew what ache was.. However now I do know the pain scale really goes much higher than 10. And of course now all the docs (even my surgeon) will get squeamish if you request pain medication refills. Thanks DEA! And avenue drug customers! Now it seems I am developing lymphedema as I had node biopsies in the afflicted arm. It seems I’ve such a protracted highway ahead I really feel depleted and whooped. Do not know what, other than prayers, and junk meals, goes to get me by means of this. Thanks for listening.. I have not shed one tear while writing this submit. WOOT!

Jennifer 2 years ago from Albuquerque
Studying your descriptive put up is making me feel a bit higher. I’m having rotator cuff repair surgery in 2 days for two full width, full size tears on my dominant arm. Very nervous about getting by means of day by day activities with out my dominant arm. I too have lengthy hair and it’s curly in addition. I’m going to look like the Lion King! Also, going to the bathroom is about to be very awkward! Thank you for posting your journey. I appreciate what you shared. Good luck to you!

Dora Weithers 2 years in the past from The Caribbean
I can relate to the trauma of being virtually useless because of an injured right arm. Great that you had the assistance of your husband and the company of your pets. Hoping that you are totally recovered by now. Thanks for sharing.

Dip Mtra three years in the past from World Citizen

I havent skilled this, however understand your suffering. I presently have a golfer’s elbow, nothing compared to what you might be undergoing though, however that prevents me from doing many things, difference between coloring and dyeing hair primarily not with the ability to play golf, something which I like immensely.


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