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When Nappy Hair Doesn’t Grow Long…What’s The Deal

When Nappy Hair Doesn’t Grow Long…What’s the Deal
Posted by nappyme on January 22, 2007 · 14 Feedback

Understanding hair development and coming to terms with having short nappy hair

When we finally do away with that relaxer, the early days, weeks, months and indeed the primary yr or two turns right into a time of virtually complete discovery. A few of us have had relaxers since early childhood and should recall no recollections, other than pictures, of having nappy hair. And others of us, who have been lucky enough to retain our natural tresses a bit of longer, say into the preteen years, may not been liable for our personal hair until it was pressed or we began getting relaxers. So by the point many black ladies attain adulthood, we might do so without ever learning the way to care for our pure hair.

It takes time and endurance, however ultimately most of us get it. We learn how to detangle, shampoo, condition and magnificence our nappy hair. We study our hair’s product and styling likes and dislikes. We discover ways to trim our hair and how to keep it moisturized. We invest the time and be taught all of the dos and don’ts of nappy hair care. Then we now have an epiphany. Our hair really can develop long if it’s taken care of correctly. And many of us soon uncover our hair is longer than it has ever been in our whole lives.

However while longer lengths develop into a actuality for a lot of, this isn’t true for everybody. For some, no matter how nicely it’s cared for, growing longer hair remains a frustratingly elusive goal.

Progress rates, phases and averages
Reality is, not everyone seems to be genetically predisposed to having lengthy hair. To know why, we now have to grasp hair progress charges, phases and averages. To begin with, on common, hair grows about 1/four inch to 1/2 in a month. Since we’re dealing with averages, most of us will probably be fortunate enough to have hair that grows between three and 6 inches a 12 months. Now after all everybody wants their hair to grow on the high finish of this average, and many people will. Some, however, will experience growth on the lower finish. The really fortunate folks can have hair that grows quicker than common. But others will expertise slower than average progress.

Get the picture to this point
Three Phases of Growth
Alrighty then, let’s transfer on to how lengthy your hair grows before it naturally sheds. Truly your hair has three phases of growth. Quite merely it grows, rests (stops growing) and sheds. Then the process starts yet again. Just know that not all your hair is on the same grow, rest, shed cycle. If all of the hairs in your head went by means of these phases simultaneously, you’d experience total baldness serveral times in your life whilst you waited on your hair to grow again.

Hair grows approximately three to six years earlier than it sheds. Some people will experience average or above average years of development before shedding occurs, while others can have hair which sheds after fewer years of common growth. But how does all of this relate to having naturally short hair

Effectively let’s put all of the pieces together. Let’s say your hair only grows two inches a 12 months, and your genes tell your follicals to randomly shed hair every four years. What do we have now here

Two inches of growth/year X 4 years of growth before shedding = 8 inches of potential maximum size.

So in other words, it will take you four years just to develop 8 inches of hair. And since in 12 months four, your eight-inch hairs shed before they’ll ever develop any longer, you’ll by no means be able achieve a size that’s larger than that.

Here’s another instance, this time in favor of longer hair…
Someone’s hair grows six inches a year. But they’re genetically programed to naturally shed hair once every seven years.

Six inches of development/year X seven years of growth before shedding = 42 inches of hair of potential most length.

Primarily based on this scenario, in seven years, this individual could literally have three 1/2 toes of hair. Now of course in both situations, accounting for minor breakage of your ends and trims, the lack of some size is inevitable and unavoidable. So no matter what your maximum potential length is, you’re not going to truly understand all of it.

Are you a brief-haired pure
Nicely, happens should you eventually come to the realization that you’re a shorter-haired nappy My advice is embrace your hair for all it’s price. You’ve gotten to recollect that everybody has some sort of hair challenge to compensate for and the grass (ewe here comes the cliche) is always greener on the opposite side of the fence. Some nappies have thin hair that won’t hold twists. Some people have hair that simply makes shake ‘n go styling completely unrealistic. And a few nappies have textures which might be too unfastened to put on a fro. The listing might go on and on. Backside line is No one is 100% happy with their hair. However no matter the problem, if you’re going to be a contented nappy, it’s a must to study to work with what you might have and not fear about what you don’t have.

Ok, easier stated than finished I know. Positive coming to terms that you’ll by no means have lengthy or really lengthy hair will probably be disappointing, particularly in a society that covets lengthy/big hair. But the factor about nappy hair that makes it oh so special — at any length — is its versatility. There’s sooooo many cute things you are able to do to style nappy hair that would Never be done with chemically or thermally straightened hair. After all there’s the different types of hair weaves shrinkage factor, however quite frankly we all deal with that no matter the size. Nonetheless, if in case you have a burning desire to indicate length, then banding or braiding your hair to stretch it (to have a bigger fro or puff or elongated twists) will do the trick. Successful, blissful nappies learn to work around their hair challenges. Trust me I do know, I have have quite a few myself.

So be proactive and don’t let your length be a present stopper. Go go to the FOTKI hair albums and look for different nappies who’ve or have had your size of hair and see how they type it. When you don’t know how to do flat twists, twists and cornrows…watch some videos and study. Can’t half your personal hair… practice until you’ll be able to. Don’t suppose a method will look good on you…try it, you may like it…ya never know.

In the long run, it’s your hair…whatever the length so make the better of it. If life only provides you eight inches to work with, then hold your head high and put on it well with nappy satisfaction. Attitude is all the things.

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