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Fishtail Braid Your Hair (in Pigtails)

I’ve liked the fishtail braid because it debuted approach again every time that was. But I’m honestly not great at doing my hair and am about as low upkeep because it is available in that space. Simply trying at the intricate braid element on others, I simply passed it off as too troublesome and yet another hair fashion I couldn’t do.

Then one day at the climbing gym, I was chatting with Rachel about braids and she stated it was truly pretty straightforward to do a fishtail braid and explained it to me. I assumed it didn’t sound drag queen lace front wigs too bad in any case and maybe I should attempt it just to see.

I was blown away that I may actually fishtail braid and figured if I may do it from just having someone clarify it to me, then I may go this information on to my readers with images to help illustrate!

So right here goes!
First, listed below are the teeny amount of supplies you may need. This alone should inform you what a straightforward course of the fishtail braid is. I mean, you only want a comb and some hairbands. You may need two hairbands that you don’t thoughts cutting to take away from your hair. The other two hairbands will stay in your hair at the bottom of the braid. The clear bands are greatest, but for photo functions I selected brightly colored hairbands for this tutorial.

Step 1: I prefer to do pigtail braids because I’ve so many layers and bangs that are rising out that it’s nearly not possible for me to maintain a single braid in tact all day long. In case you are doing a single fishtail braid to at least one side, you’ll be able to obviously skip this step.

In the event you do pigtail braids, simply half your hair down the center and convey every half of hair to the entrance of your shoulders.

Step 2: Simply use the comb to clean out your hair and remove any tangles.
Step 3: Use hairbands that you don’t thoughts cutting later (and throwing away) to place your hair into common pigtails. The nearer you will get the hairband to the bottom of your head, the longer your braid might be. It’s also finest to get the hairband of the pigtails in the identical spot on every facet (which I clearly did not accomplish here).

Helpful Tip: Use a mirror. It may seem obvious however braid your hair in entrance of a mirror. As a result of it takes a little bit of time to do this, it’s tempting to observe television when you braid. But utilizing a mirror allows you to see how even your pigtails are and also how even every strand is that you simply pull apart. The extra even every strand is, the prettier your braid will probably be.

Step 4: Take one of many pigtails and separate it into two equal items. I’ll name these Facet 1 and Side 2.

Step 5: Separate a small strand of Side 1 and pull it away from that bunch of hair.
Step 6: Take this small strand from the surface of Aspect 1 and cross it in entrance of Aspect 1 to satisfy the inside of Aspect 2. Because of this Aspect 2 has simply slightly bit more hair than Facet 1 now.

Step 7: You will now repeat this action with hair from Side 2. Take a small strand from the skin of Aspect 2 and cross it in entrance of Aspect 2 to satisfy the inside of Aspect 1. Now each aspect should have an equal quantity of hair.

Step 8: Proceed this process of pulling an outside strand from one piece across and into the inside of the adjoining piece of hair till you attain the underside.

Useful Tip: Permit for loads of time. Fishtail braiding is a fairly time intensive hairstyle. You do not need to really feel rushed when doing this. I might be sluggish, however it takes me about 10 minutes to finish every braid.

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Step 9: When you will have your braid as long as you want it, use a hairband (clear is finest, or one that’s just like your individual hair shade) to safe your hair at the underside. You will now repeat this process on the other pigtail.

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