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Surya Henna Cream is a semi-permanent hair colouring containing hair dyes plus herbs and fruits from Brazil and India, which provide simultaneous colouration and deep conditioning remedy for the hair. It’s these dyes that give consistency of colour for the person. For that reason, Surya Henna Cream is a viable option to make use of over standard everlasting hair colour or brands claiming to be natural with one single exception. Because Surya Henna Cream does not include ammonia or a bleaching agent, hair color can not be lightened (i.e. brunette to blond).

Natural hair colouring and hair remedy unlike anything out there
Assured to colour grey hair in one easy utility
No peroxide, ammonia, resorcinol, PPD, heavy metals, parabens, or synthetic fragrance
Semi-permanent hair colour – washes out of the hair after about 7 to 10 shampoos
Made with gentle hair dyes
Easy to apply – no mixing. Retain remainder-no waste.
Contains 15 exotic herbs and fruits found in the Amazon forest and in India
Might be applied immediately after any chemical process without waiting
Wonderful for shoppers with sure chemical sensitivities and pregnant ladies wishing to keep away from conventional hair colouring chemicals.
Surya Henna Cream doesn’t harm or change the construction of the hair
15 completely different colours obtainable, or mix to create your distinctive shade
Dermatologically tested hypo-allergenic
Plant components are from the highest quality sources in India and Brazil
Packaged in bins made from 100% recycled paper
No animal testing; happily tested on humans!
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The Action of Surya Henna Cream
Standard methods of colouring hair use chemicals thought-about at the least harsh and the worst toxic. The essential chemistry behind hair color has not changed much since 1907 when French chemist Eugene Schueller discovered these chemicals’ ability to breach the cuticle and deposit dyes into the cortex.

Surya Henna Cream is an revolutionary approach to colouring, in harmony with contemporary needs. By utilizing our approach to hair colouring, the cuticle and due to this fact the luster and health of the hair is preserved. Our unique process allows using mild brokers to create an alkaline surroundings that gently swells the keratin scales. This permits the smaller pigment molecules to lodge themselves among the many superficial layers of the cuticle and the larger molecules to rest on the strand creating a strengthening affect of the hair’s natural armor. When the color is deposited on the cuticle in this way, it step by step washes out leaving a natural hairline versus an apparent root stripe. Surya Henna Cream lasts for 7-10 washings.

Along with this gentle method to colouring, we also add 15 herbs and fruits from all over the world to boost Surya Henna Cream’s moisturizing and conditioning effects. In keeping with the unique harmony that nature supplies, each botanical is chosen for its contribution to the formula’s balance. We carefully source our raw materials, using sustainable methods and wherever possible ethically wild crafted or organic components.

Whereas our top quality henna is an important ingredient in Surya Henna Cream, it’s added as one of many conditioning brokers in the product, not to achieve the shades accessible. Due to shortcomings in the know-how presently available and so as to achieve the specified outcomes it is necessary to make use of a small proportion of synthetic dyes, approximately 1-3% of the full system. With that in thoughts, Surya Brasil has painstakingly researched dyes with the mildest properties and the very best safety data accessible to use within the henna cream formulation, including monitoring new info from the European Union whose standards are considered internationally to be stringent. We solely use carbon-based dyes so there are never any heavy metals even in trace amounts. Using better dyes is not the one precaution we take to your health’s sake; our system is designed to use the most flip ponytail hairstyles accountable elements.

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