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Women have colored there hair for centuries, and hair coloration is now a multibillion dollar trade. In case your hair grows a median of 1/2 inch per month, french roll hair up hair colour turns into a never ending necessary beauty remedy. If you are trying to grow out your hair to long lengths, chemical treatment makes it challenging, and can be toxic to your body.
The Double Standard and Toxicity

100g Straight Indian Remy Hair #33 Rich Copper RedA common suggestion for rising longer wholesome hair for all hair sorts is to cease dyeing your hair with conventional hair shade. This can be a touchy subject for thus many ladies. There definitely is a double standard with men wanting distinguished with “salt and pepper” hair, and women not having that luxurious. The french roll hair up fitting hair coloration can brighten your pores and skin tone, improve your eye coloration, and create a luminous vibrancy to their total look.

The issue with persistently coloring your hair for years and years is that many women do probably not know the way to care for colored hair. There is more to treating chemically colored hair other than maintaining the shade. As soon as your hair has been chemically altered, it wants constant nurturing.

Even in case you do know the way to care for colour handled hair, as you get older your hair texture changes, and coloring mature hair could make it skinny and grow to be extremely damaged as it’s more delicate than it as soon as was. The upkeep of color treated hair can also be very costly. The demarcation line of traditional hair dye can be fairly apparent, and the constant hair coloring cycle continues.

Hair dyes are one of the crucial toxic magnificence merchandise that ladies use. You’ll be able to read an article by Paula’s Choice called Hair Dye & Most cancers Risks right here. One other superb article is from the Environmental Working Group connecting coal tar hair dyes with bladder cancers and non-hodgkin’s lymphoma which you’ll learn right here. Well being reigns supreme over magnificence, and there are pure hair coloring choices that give wonderful outcomes for both darkening and lightening hair.

Pure Hair Shade Choices & Variations
Though there are much less toxic hair dyes available on the market, the perfect pure hair dye option is body artwork quality henna. Body artwork quality henna only comes in a single color with variations of pink relying on the place the plant is grown. Yet there may be cassia obovata, additionally referred to as impartial henna, which provides a beautiful golden tone perfect for those with light colored hair, or indigo which creates a wealthy black shade. These two pure dyes mixed with henna and other natural spices and ingredients can create many hair color variations.

On the Henna For Hair website, you’ll be able to see basic henna mixes to realize strawberry, pink, auburn, brunette, and jet black hair. You may also see personal henna mixes for a way girls achieve golden blond shades to a fabulous black. There are many choices with henna, cassia, and indigo. These pure choices do cover grays extraordinarily nicely and you may watch a tutorial by Henna For Hair here. You can not lighten your hair with henna or cassia, but you possibly can with honey.

Honey Hair Lightening
There is too much of information on-line on naturally lightening hair with honey. When honey is mixed with water it releases a pure peroxide. Right here is a very thorough article by Ktani on learn how to lighten you hair with honey which you can learn right here. I’ve additionally seen a enjoyable video by Andrea’s Choice on YouTube about utilizing honey to lighten hair. Watch that video here. Honey has been used to lighten virgin hair, chemically dyed hair, and hennaed hair.

Chemicals Make It Challenging To Grow Extremely Long Hair
If your hair is naturally curly or dry, adding chemicals improve the problem of maintaining healthy hair. It already takes rather a lot of labor and patience to grow out your hair, especially if you’d like to grow it to extreme lengths. Not everyone wishes lengthy long hair and it really is a personal choice. Once you add the component of chemicals to your hair care regimen the results are not at all times sure. Using pure hair coloring strategies is a greater possibility. In truth henna has been my major deep conditioning and strengthening hair treatment for the last two years.

What’s your experience with traditional hair dye and/or henna waves Have you ever ever tried lightening your hair with honey
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