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This Mile-Lengthy Hair Received A Rainbow Dye Job In Simply Four Hours

There’s a saying that goes, “long hair, don’t care.” But, whoa, excuse me, we most positively do care about this ultra-long rainbow masterpiece that we simply peeped on the ‘Gram. Naturally, we wanted to know extra about this look, created by hairstylist Rebecca Taylor — particularly for the reason that caption gave approach to the fact that, in contrast to her first two-day go-round at down-to-there rainbow hair, this look only took a mere four hours to create. Say what

Trillion Tones, a brand new hair coloration line designed by Taylor in partnership with Finnish hair model Sin Delicate, claims to be the first-ever hybrid coloration line that full bob wigs not solely works as a everlasting color, but additionally as a demi, semi, or toner. The complete system is comprised of 16 merchandise, together with pigment, alkaline, and developer. Whereas pigment is a no-brainer, it’s the alkaline and developer that deserve special attention.

In keeping with the model’s webpage, alkaline works to help the pigment penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, whereas concurrently working as a lightening catalyst when working in combination with the developer. The developer is manufactured from hydrogen peroxide, which causes oxidation and lightens the pure melanin in hair, which helps promote an extended-lasting coloration. “Trillion Tones is totally game-changing because you don’t should bleach first to do vogue colour, you can now do it in only one step because the product lifts and deposits colour concurrently,” Taylor tells Allure.

Now, again to the gorgeous rainbow hair that first caught our eye. “The last time I did hair this long, it needed to be bleached first in order for the coloration to show up and the whole course of took two days,” Taylor says. “Now due to my new hybrid colour line, the entire process only took me one stop in four hours.” What’s more, since she didn’t should bleach that hair, it was in superb condition post-dye — answering our query about how ultra-long hair health measures up after such an intense coloring sesh.

To get the look, Taylor took note of her inventory — all labeled as A (pigment), B (alkaline), and C (developer) and began thinking of ways she might convey this look to life. The pigment comes in five intense tones, five pastel tones, and white. The alkaline is out there in two versions, one for primary coloring and one for more difficult coloring (like this rainbow hue), and the developer comes in 10 vol and 25 vol to offer whatever lightening is necessary based on the starting base color a stylist is working with. With that in mind, Taylor chose her colours, her alkaline, and her developer, then selected a shade melt and acquired to work.

When you strive a color like this for yourself, just remember that, very similar to rainbow hues achieved with customary dyes, the identical care continues to be absolutely important in sustaining the look of your new style. “The finest method to care for coloured hair is to clean hair infrequently,” Taylor says. “Dry shampoo is your finest good friend. However when you need to wash, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner system rinsed in cold water.

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