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How one can Make Your Clip On Hair Extensions Thicker

I’ve all the time beloved long massive hair. Should you have been to take a look at any of my fashion illustrations I did rising up you would see that they nearly all have lengthy enormous cartoon exaggerated type hair. I’ve at all times had my hair pretty lengthy anyplace from shoulder size to half approach down my again. Currently I’ve been really influenced by big sixties volumious hair kinds. The bigger the higher. I began this submit to share all the very best assets and ideas I found on-line but quickly realized I had a lot info I needed to share that my one post was really a series of posts. So this is the primary submit on this Large Sexy Sixties Hair collection.

Grade 6A Virgin Indian Curly Hair Extensions 4 Bundles 400g With 1pcs 4x4 Three Part Lace Closure Natural BlackOn this put up we will have a look at methods to DIY your personal thick clip on hair extensions. Whether you will have thinning hair like me (more on that beneath), are born with thin high-quality hair, or simply wish to have some enjoyable along with your hair, clip on hair extensions might be a terrific solution. Who doesn’t want to have thicker longer and fuller hair some days

My Hair Loss Story
Even if I’ve fairly voluminous hair naturally, I have had some hair loss during the last 10 years on account of either or each psoriasis of the scalp (a pores and skin condition I have), and PCOS (a hormonal disease triggered by lack of ovulation that causes a rise in male hormones). I’ve had intervals of time when my hair was falling out. I am undecided if any of it has been everlasting or not. Relying on why you’re shedding your hair and if the follicle is damaged or not can make the difference. Psoriasis usually causes temporary hair loss, however PCOS trigger everlasting hair loss. I really feel like presently my hair has gotten thicker from the final time my hair was falling out nevertheless it could simply be that I’ve gotten use to it being thinner.

The explanation I bring this up is final 12 months my hair was falling out once more and that i had simply discovered that my hair loss that I at all times assumed was as a result of Psoriasis and due to this fact momentary may actually have been caused by PCOS or each and therefore everlasting. I knew that mentally I had to arrange myself for the truth that my hair loss may very well be everlasting and could get worse over time. I figured the best approach to feel better about this possibility is to get use to sporting wigs and extensions while it is nonetheless only a fun trend accessory and never a necessity. So for my birthday last yr I wanted my husband to purchase me some extensions at a neighborhood hair store.

Before and after Hair Extensions (love how the after pic always has makeup on LOL) by way of
My Hair Extension Expertise
It was my first time buying any hair extensions and i went with what the gross sales person advised (I bought mine at Hair Plus Magnificence Supply in Minneapolis). I purchased real Remy human hair (make in a 7 piece full set of 18″ clip in hair extensions by Lord and Cliff. The colour number four was a perfect match.

While every part appears great I discovered that it was very time consuming to put on all of the items as well as curling them. It was tough to get the length to match my own because after i curled it they match my curly hair, however finally the curls fall out and my hair starts to look overly layered or mulletish. I also discovered that the biggest piece was approach to huge for my head. Does that mean I don’t have a big head LOL.

In a nutshell I discovered extensions are fairly cool in case you only need to place a couple of in (in different phrases super thick) and they’re minimize to your hairstyle (get a hairpiece longer than you think you need to allow more to curl and reduce it), and if you’ll be able to discover a approach to have your extensions hold their curl (nonetheless working on that).

Learn how to Make Your own Really Thick Hair Extensions
My extensions before and after sewing two wefts collectively

Since I’m unlikely to ever put on all seven pieces good hairstyles for chubby faces contemplating how lengthy it takes to place all of them being a crafty person I started to consider reducing them into smaller pieces and double or even tripling them. I looked on-line to see if anybody has ever performed that and of course they have. Apparently you can buy bulk hair on a weft, reduce the strips and sew or glue 2 or three tracts collectively (I might sew them as an alternative of glueing) after which sew on hair clips. Like it! This way you can get better high quality hair extensions for less cash and they are personalized to what you need. It is one thing you are able to do whereas watching Tv, which is all the time a plus in my guide.

The way to make Extensions tutorial (not tremendous thick ones although) on Instructables
Supplies (from Instructables)
1-2 packets of actual human hair, on a weft (don’t purchase “ponytail hair,” which is free and incredibly troublesome to work with*). You can too buy it off a roll, by length. On this case, measure your head and decide how thick you’ll want the items earlier than you go. Have a look at your native hair/magnificence outlets (Sally’s Beauty sells some) or take a look at Ebay for some offers (simply be aware that the hair may be not pretty much as good high quality because you can’t see it, common points may very well be falsely saying it is human hair and is basically wool, thin wefts, or hair that doesn’t have many long strands).
15-20 wig snap on clips Relying on what number of hairpieces you make, but it’s better to have additional than must make one other trip to the beauty provide store. You also do not want to skimp on the amount of clips you put in each hairpiece, or they’re likely to come back free while wearing.
Sharp scissors. to cut the wefts and trim the final items
Needle and robust (or use two threads) matching or invisible thread, to sew the wefts and clips collectively
Measuring tape (or lengthy piece of string), to gauge how broad every piece should be to customized-fit your head.

Measure and cut the length you want. Cut nevertheless many layers you wish to sew collectively to the identical length.
Seal edges that were lower with basic krazy glue or handstitch with the blanket stitch across the raw edge making sure to safe the section where the hair was sewn onto the strip with a stitch or two. The videos beneath do not do that step, however I say better secure than sorry I hand sewed mine.
Sew collectively 2 or three wefts with a handsewing needle with thick embroidery thread in an identical colour, or glue together (I desire hand sewing). I used a blanket stitch at the top to connect the wefts together.
Hand sew on clips where the holes are about each 1-2 inches to ensure that the extension are secure. The primary one I made I sewed the clips on the incorrect manner! Whoops. To make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did make sure that the brass or gold coloured gap on the clip on the facet is going through you whenever you sew it on. In the event you do make the identical mistake I did you should use a seam ripper to help take the clips out.

Here is my sewing! It is not fairly but it really works. Discover the gold circle I discussed before.
If your still undecided the best way to make your own extensions check out these videos beneath for extra details.

Find out how to Make Clip in Hair Extensions(7 min)
Make Your own Hair Extensions & Save $$$ (9:57 min) ©Oh You Crafty Gal! All rights reserved.

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