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Easy methods to Straighten Very Thick Curly Hair On your own

I have very curly hair and i actually need to straighten my hair. I do not need to spend some huge cash!

what ought to i do
i know the way you feel – the avatar is accurate- it takes a while but here is what I do. First I wash my hair and comb it out in the shower. I dont let it dry- I go straight to blow drying so its simpler to manage.

Ensure the blowdryer had a comb on the tip- I have a Conair. Comb your hair downwards.
After your hairs dry and blow dryed add little amount of pink moisteriser so your hair wont be dry but not too greasy. Work this hair braid extensions by means of out your hair until its completley blended.

get Ceramic flat irons (they’re the perfect for our type of hair)- Put the temperature on the very best number- I need as much heat as I can get- then flat iron your hair in small portions.

Be sure to seprarte your hair into small portions of hair so its managable.
After finishing flat ironing- blow dry your hair again.

if still not completley flat- go another round of flat ironing. Its ALOT to do, I know.
And people say they want this hair- they do not know.

purchase an excellent hair straightener like $50 is ok. dont purchase cheap ones like $20 because you will never be capable of staighten it no matter what. conair is good and revlons are horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my conair is the best works excellent and fast!!!!!!!!!!! get one like this http://www.hair-straightener.web/images/.. (the scissor looking ones) those work way better than these http://www.straight-hair.co.uk/images/gh.. (these dont work nearly as good for thick hair, its slower) mine is a conair ceramic expertise and its the scissor trying one, works awesome! and remeber to never straigthen it when its wet, it can burn your hair! straigthen it after you wash your hair after it dries!

first it’s a must to take your time and do it effectively if you need it to end up good. first get about 1 in. from nape and clip the rest up. Get an excellent hair straightener and straighten it little piece by little piece, when you’re accomplished with the first layer unclip the top and get another layer and clip the remainder up then iron that part and repeat the identical steps till you attain like half of your head. then make the like and spread both sides apart clip or tie one side and do the other facet piece by piece then do the other side. and then fix the imperfections and you’re carried out! if may take about 30 minutes or more on your form of hair.

get a conair hair straightener. i swear by mine
get it wet then use a straightner

I tried it earlier than…
It was inconceivable, so I cut my mop off.

invest in a extremely good straightener, it is the one factor to do nothing else will make your hair straight

get a straightener ; get little pieces and do them strip by strip. sounds like a long time but it only takes about 10 minutes .

blow dry your hair straight first.
and use a chi

straighten your hair everyday and get the best shampoos and circumstances that will help
Us a relaxer.the opposite of a perm.

Do you want it permenantly straightened Visit a hair salon.
If not, I would counsel spraying it with Vo5 MIRACLE MIST when your hair is damp. Then blow drying it straight. Then using GHD hair straighteners!

get a straightener that goes to high degrees
i believe i stated that right.

lol good luck!

A hot comb when its dry works for everyone
Invest in a Chi hair straightener.. I don’t know the way I ever lived without mine!!

get a straightening shampoo and conditioner and then its straightforward
use a flat iron (Highly regarded one) or go get a wash and blow dry.. Im in NY and there is a Dominican salon everywhere in order that they usually do it Really well. In case your in NY, Maribel’s on Flatbush and Maple ST in bklyn is Very good.. always packed

yeah i really like my conair hair straightener i believe mine was $40 its Wonderful!!! its silver with a panal on the facet telling you the temp, and it goes to 392 i feel..

i’ve quite a lot of hair too. my beautician says i’ve three heads of thick, curly hair. you need to use a straightning iron, or a blow drier.you dont want a spherical brush. your hair needs to be damp. i dont recomend relaxing or perming your hair because it will possibly fall out. here is a url that will enable you to. just copy and paste it into your tackle bar.

go to images and shades.

I use a blow dryer with a straighening comb at the top. It will get fairly straight then I’ve used a flat iron. Fairly cheap

Get the Conair Ceramic Straitener .yow will discover it in goal. That’s what I use, and I’ve wavy, very thick hair.

When you straighten it, dont do all of your hair at a time, separate your hair into sections, hold the hair you aren’t utilizing with a very good sized clip.

Additionally, to maintain your hair from frizzing up when your performed since you’ve gotten curly hair, buy the Treseme “No Firzz” spray. Situated additionally at goal.

Hope this Helps!
My hair is similar method, some god tips are to maintain ur hair soiled. Dont wash then straighten! U may also use frizz-ease, a good straightener, (Conair aint gonna cut it) And just to small strands at a time with a brush, tons of individuals simply seize a chunk of their hair and surprise y its taking so lengthy to get that 1 half straight. Make sure that its realy sizzling! Take ur time, it might take awhile depending hair braid extensions on the length and thickness of ur hair.

well since you’re african-american i feel it’s best to take satisfaction in having thick curly hair. why do you wanna straighten your hair like all those white crackers anyway keep natural.

when your in the shower use shampoo and conditioner, while your using it try to strengthen it.
yeah ok all it’s a must to do is wet your hair. then put it in sections and straighten it. however such as you want to place heat tamer in your hair earlier than that although because it like completely steams it. :] so thatll make it not frizzy. :]

1.blow dry ur hair
2.put a product on your hair tht you can flatiron with ex:chi

3.part up you hair in small items.
4.take a small comb and comb via it

5.while combing via it , bring the flat iron from ur root down following the comb.
5.keep doing this however make sure you flat iron downward

or, try this http://youtube.com/watch v=Ov7NWAWPbzk
i forget what show i used to be watching however this guy simply put water on this women hair let it air dry then straightened it ,it was so straight. good luck

First use shampoo’s and conditionair’s for your type of hair. EX- Protein, Suave, Sunsilk etc.
Then buy a wide straightner that can go up to a high amont of heat. Ofcourse conserving it in your price range vary. EX- conair straightners, or get one at sharper picture, you probably have that retailer in your area.

Once you get the straightner put your hair up in three totally different layers so that you straighten the beneath layer first, then the center, then the highest.

You may want to make use of a speicial cream that retains your hair in place after you straighten it. Or simply hairspray. Both one will still work good, and im positive after you do all this your hair will look nice!

Good Luck! :]
80g Flip In Secret Hair Extensions Remy Human Straight Hair #613 Lightest BlondeHey, my cousin had the same drawback %26amp; similar with my pals sister %26amp; you don’t have to spend heaps of money to get good results. The smartest thing would be to have a straightener that gets to a heat of over 200 degrees C (and you will get some low-cost ones, strive remington), then simply do it in small sections %26amp; take it slowly.

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