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Pure Methods To Dye Your Hair When Pregnant

It’s estimated that 75% of girls over 18 have colored their hair in some unspecified time in the future of their life. While our hair typically gets thicker and more lustrous, can you dye your hair when pregnant

Many OB’s and midwives will advocate avoiding hair dye for at the least the first trimester of your pregnancy so that begs the question:

Is it protected to dye your hair when pregnant
There are no studies showing that hair dye use during pregnancy causes birth defects or miscarriages. However, there is not a lot of information on hair dye use during pregnancy and the data we do have doesn’t prove hair dye to be safe during pregnancy either.

Over 5,000 chemicals are used in hair dyes (!) and a few of them have been deemed carcinogenic which may be an excellent purpose to keep away from chemical hair dyes during pregnancy and after.

A 1994 National Cancer Institute report found that women who used dark hair dyes for 20 years or more were at higher risk of cancers akin to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a number of myeloma.

A 2001 Worldwide Journal of Cancer study found people who use permanent hair dye are twice as likely hair color for cool toned skin to develop bladder cancer as those who don’t use hair dye. It also found that hairdressers are 5 occasions extra likely to develop bladder most cancers than those not exposed to hair dye.

After all, there have been various different research that didn’t discover a connection between hair dyes and most cancers. The National Most cancers Institute states that the proof correlating hair dye and cancer is “limited and conflicting”.

So there you go. The definitive reply is… perhaps.
Nevertheless, if a product presumably being harmful throughout pregnancy is sufficient to persuade you to go a extra pure route along with your hair coloration, there are pure alternate options.

Natural ways to dye your hair when pregnant

Henna. Yep, the identical stuff that’s used for these reddish brown hand tattoos can be utilized for dying your hair. In fact, the restrictions of henna are that it could possibly only be used as brown to crimson hair dye (depending on your beginning shade) since that’s the shade of the dye that comes from the henna plant.

If you’re in search of a really darkish to black hair colour you possibly can follow a henna dye with Indigo. Indigo, derived from the Indigo plant, is a dark blue dye that has been used to dye hair and textiles for hundreds of years. Used after the reddish brown shade of henna, the blue tint of indigo makes hair very dark to black in colour.

Nonetheless, Morocco Methodology model does lots of work for you. It combines henna, indigo, chamomile and calendula to create a variety of shades together with blonde.

Black walnut hull powder steeped in scorching water can be utilized as a darkish hair dye. The more powder you use the darker the coloration. It will dye anything it touches so be careful.

A strong black tea or espresso hair rinse can be used to darken most medium hair colors.

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If you aren’t thinking about Morocco Method’s light blonde hair dye, there are a number of other ways to lighten your hair.

Lemon juice sprayed or poured over hair and dried in the solar can act as a lightener. (If you’re out in the midday solar, make sure to use the best natural sunscreen you can find.)

Chamomile, calendula, or rhubarb root tea rinse can add honey tones for a darker blonde color. Both can be used usually for a cumulative lightening effect.

How can I get a shade of red
Henna is a great alternative for a rich auburn coloration on dark hair but may be too red if you’re starting from blonde.

Tomato juice can be used like a dye (soak through hair, go away on for half-hour and then rinse.
Hibiscus flower and calendula flowers mixed in a tea also can add crimson tones to hair.

Beets or beet root powder can be used for a more purple red shade.
How can I deal with roots or greys naturally

The great factor about natural hair dye choices is that they don’t injury your hair so you can use them often to cover greys. Dry shampoo for dark hair can camouflage light roots and using a daily chamomile or calendula rinse in the shower can lighten darkish roots gradually.

Although pure hair dye treatments are nice in some ways the downside is that some usually are not as everlasting as chemical hair dyes. Aside from henna (which is permanent) and indigo (which is everlasting-ish because it varies from individual to person), natural hair dye options are on the temporary to semi-everlasting facet of the spectrum.

Should you desire a hair shade that’s freed from doubtlessly toxic chemical and doesn’t require lots of upkeep, then perhaps it’s time to embrace your naturally stunning hair shade, greys and all.

Here’s how different pure mamas dye their hair when pregnant
I requested the mothers on my Fb page if (and how) they dyed their hair during pregnancy. Here are some of their responses.

I have used henna hair dye twice during this pregnancy. Completely natural, no chemicals, great in your hair. You can add important oils to it. Or wine, coffee to change the end result a bit. It takes longer to set and is a bit messy and involved, however totally worth it in terms of my health! – Jennifer F.
I chose to for go dyeing my hair during pregnancy and whereas nursing. The only truly “natural” approach is henna, herbs, lemon juice and sunlight and that just didn’t turn my brown locks to blonde like before. Bladder cancer vs. brown hair. really wasn’t a fair contest. – Danielle B.
I didn’t first time around. But this time I realised that there are methods of being natural but still looking after yourself and giving yourself pamper time is just as important. I used keunes natural products and went with a couple of blonde foils so it never touched my scalp and then just an all over toner. – Kimberly B.
The first time around I didn’t not shade my hair at all. Then after that pregnancy I found an amazing stylist who uses only organic natural hair color. No smell or anything unsafe for pregnancy. – Resi K.
No I just avoided dying it when pregnant. However I didn’t have any gray then. If I received pregnant now I might should rethink that! – LunchboxDoctor
I found a ” natural” salon that supposedly used clean and natural and ammonia-free dye. In all my pregnancies I had avoided coloring altogether, but the grey was overwhelming! There was no smell, however I nonetheless second guess whether or not or not that was the safest resolution for my child. – Nicole C.G.
I personally did not coloration my hair while pregnant because I’ve been embracing my natural coloration over the past few years. That being said I worked in a salon for five years and colored many anticipating mama’s hair in that time. My salon did use a extra pure line of coloring merchandise however the truth is that business hair coloration all has some chemicals in it even for those who choose an ammonia or peroxide free product. Foiling, balayage, hair painting and ombre are great choices for those that need to maintain the products off of their scalp. Lets also take into account that there are countless hair stylists whom have perfectly healthy children despite being in contact with these chemicals on a near daily foundation. – Aza H.
I was assured that dying is secure, however my midwife stated best to avoid and i agree. I am considering henna before the birth, though. Might give me something to do in the last week if the child is overdue. – Samantha N.
I didn’t dye my hair throughout pregnancy, as a result of I wasn’t conscious of the pure methods to do it again then. I’ve been dying my hair with henna for some time now, so if I get pregnant once more, I’d in all probability simply keep utilizing the henna. – Allanah B.

How about you
Did you dye your hair throughout pregnancy How did you do it Share with us in the comments below!

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