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Are They Thick

Seeing it is where their stuff is put
perhaps they needs to be Questioning people who hired car 4wks beforehand …the mc canns would not be so stupid and when have they been out of media surveillance to do what the stupid police are implying … how ..and being smart isn’t guilty

Not blood it wouldn’t.
And that car was hired 25 days after maddie went missing.

There was a lot hair in the boot that it would have come from a body, acording to scientists
The McCanns are usually not thick, anything but. They are two cold, calculating folks !

Do you normally put human hair in the realm where the spare wheel is stored, underneath the carpet
not many car boots contain bodily fluids from a decaying corpse

let us hope %26amp; pray that justice be achieved!!!!
once the truth comes out..we will probably be debating whether they should be prosecuted in portugal or in the uk.. !!!

i sure hope that the twins might be effectively seemed after by correct mother and father!!!
Nevertheless it shouldn’t include Madeleine’s hair, if the car was hired 25 days after she disappeared.

they said the hair was there about a specific amount of days after Madeleine disappeared
yes could of been clothes toys something and for many who’ve stated its blood your fallacious it wasn’t a DNA match through blood it could have been anything hair and so on

Why are people so not sure of the DNA evidence supplied by the lab in Birmingham They are the very best forensic scientists in Europe, truth. Is it because they dont wish to admit they’ve been suckered by a pair of liars Follow the evidence, not their words. Saying that they believe she is still alive is the biggest smoke screen they might create, but its only their phrases. Speak is cheap.

were do a few of you lot get your info tuttut the news speculate as is everyone as well as me but lets be actual and never add to the list of proof

Heard of DNA transference
huh. yeah, but why would they put one thing within the compartment the place the spare wheel is stored

they say dna was found in the boot of the car it could be a hair of maddys transfered by clothing a toy or such if that’s the case this is not proof nevertheless if body fluid or blood is found then maddys poor little physique was in the car 25 days After her dissaperance what dose that say to you

the hair found was more than what could come off a bit of clothing or a toy. and it was found Under the carpet where you’d keep the spare tire. the fluid was also round the identical area. so no. if anybody is thick..it was the mccanns.

mark my words…her body will be discovered close to the church! do you not discover it unusual that shortly after she was declared “lacking” that gerry and “his pal” were seen there so late at night

Why would a automotive boot include hair and stuff While you get in your car and put your youngsters in, do you open the boot and shove them of their automotive seats beneath the spare wheel You do Oh. okay then!!!

OMG – not going to answer your question precisely simply wished to exclaim my utter astonishment at the ability of these other answerers to take as fact any piece of crap that has come out as “news” over the last few days! Unbelievable. It is as if all of them need the mother and father to be responsible! Why would they need that What objective does it serve of their sad little worlds

Maddy’s DNA within the boot where the spare wheel is kept, in a car hired by the McLiars 25 days AFTER she goes missing!!!! How do the McCann cultists clarify that

Chilly calculating murderers.
The way in which I take a look at it is that him the husband did the crime right from the beginning he has been cold and loving the media attention while she has been sobing her heart out for her daughter this is just my opinion.

One can expect the odd hair or two to get anywhere however not an enormous quantity to trigger concern,especially the place it was found.I by no means transported any hair extensions how do they work of my children within the boot of a vehicle !!!!

Sure to the first part and yes to the second, I’m beginning to consider the portuguese police are whole halfwits.

Not beneath the boot ground where the spare wheel is kept. Nobody places toys and clothes on an oily spare wheel compartment.

I spoke about the McCanns ages ago.
I said they ought to be charged with neglect of maddie and that the remaining kids should be taken away.

I stated that I didn’t consider a phrase of the story they spun concerning the dissappearance of maddie. Not many people supported me.

DNA is complex.
Whether or not maddie had a nostril bleed 15 weeks prior to the finding of the dna in the automobile or not, the hair extensions how do they work very fact is the automotive was employed AFTER she had been reported as lacking. There could be NO motive for any of maddie’s things to be within the boot of the automobile Because they family were not transferring from place to position and maddie’s private gadgets want not have been moved.

Her hair discovered within the boot may have been transferred from one other piece of her clothes however the very fact is she had been lacking for therefore long that the chances of that was unlikely conisdering the mc canns washed clothes to put on.

combining the blood, the hair, the leaving of youngsters alone ‘supposedly’ it’s all a bit an excessive amount of. The assembly of the pope, the touring of europe and so forth what was all that about

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I believe the father killed maddie accidently. They mentioned this in a panicky “oh my god” method realising it was an accident because of anger and so they jointly decided to do away with the body so that they didn’t get into bother. That is what occurred. The spouse is protecting up for her husband.

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