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Have you ever Ever Had Them

I have pretty long hair, however I’ve been attempting to develop it out for what feels like perpetually. I’ve been doing every part I’m purported to do so as to maintain my hair healthy and growing. However I think it’s just at a standstill. It was really getting on my nerves. I’ve been eager about getting extensions along the underside of my head to add some additional size while my hair continues to develop. I’m going to a marriage ceremony subsequent week so it felt like the precise time to deal with myself. So I did.

When i say I got extensions though, I don’t imply I received individual ones certain to my hair. Nope, I got a little bit weave. Weave is a confusing term because most individuals think I’m talking about a full head of hair sewn right into a cap on my head. That’s not the case. I received what’s referred to as “tracking” which is where your hair is braided horizontally and tracks of hair extensions are sewn into your braid. I got two tracks sewn in for length and just a little volume, and I’m obsessed. I don’t ever wish to take them out!

If you’re occupied with getting extensions, it’s worthwhile to know these things first.
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Strive Clip-Ins First

I all the time suggest when doing something everlasting or semi-permanent to attempt a brief solution first. If you’re curious about extensions, however don’t need to commit straight away, get some clip in extensions and see how you like them.

There Are Differing kinds
There are a bunch of alternative ways to do extensions from bonding (pictured right here) to looping to tracking, which is what I have. You can also get a full head of hair finished by netting, where your hair is braided underneath a net cap and the hair is sewn onto that. Lace fronts are one other type of netting that is super popular as a result of it looks extra natural. Principally, there are a million ways to do this and it’s up to you what you want!

Go To Someone You Belief
Do not simply waltz into some random hair salon and get extensions. Do your research if you don’t have a daily hair stylist. In the event you do have a trustworthy hair stylist, ask them if they will do it. If they can not, they probably know somebody who does and may provide you with a very good recommendation.

It Would not Feel Great
I’ve got a really thick skull and am not tender-headed at all, but getting tracks sewn in wasn’t the most pleasant thing on this planet. It feels actually tight for a number of days afterwards as well. If you are not good with pain, go along with a distinct method.

They are not Only for Women Of Color
When people found out hair loss at crown that I bought hair sewn in, they say one thing like “I assumed that was just for black ladies.” Nope. Do you actually suppose the Kardashian women are au naturale on their heads Get real. Weaves and extensions are really common for girls of shade because it is a protecting style. Anyone with hair on their head can get extensions!

Purchase Your personal Hair
Many salons have their very own hair, but it is so costly. Do your wallet a favor and purchase your personal hair. I went to a wig supply store to get mine and bought a terrific deal. It’s also possible to go to a shop to see and really feel it in real life after which get a greater worth on-line. When you’re shopping for hair, do not go artificial. Paying a little further for real hair that you can dry, straighten, curl, dye or no matter is worth it, I promise. I bought 100% Remy human hair with a body wave to match my hair texture.

If you Do It Proper, It’s not Bad For You
Extension procedures like fusion, bonding and gluing are usually not good in your hair. However tracking and weaving when completed right is not going to cause harm. Your hair still grows in the braid, and when you are taking out your extensions, you only lose the hair that will have come out anyway.

Extensions Don’t Make You Less Pure
I’ve heard quite a lot of ladies say that natural ladies who get weaves or extensions aren’t good naturals or are somehow much less natural. That’s ridiculous. Within the African American group, extensions are a protecting style like braids. Do not let anyone make you’re feeling badly if you need extensions because it is not up to them.

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