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What You must Know

This materials must not be used for commercial functions, or in any hospital or medical facility. Failure to conform may lead to legal action.

Hair Care
Grade 6A Cheap 100% Indian Virgin Hair Deep wave Weave 8"-30" Natural Black 100gMedically reviewed on February 28, 2018.

Care Notes
WHAT You want to KNOW:

Why is it important to keep hair clear
Hair care increases blood flow to the scalp and removes oils and dirt. Clear hair prevents pores and skin irritation or inflammation. Clean hair additionally helps an individual feel and look better.

How do I comb or brush someone’s hair
Comb or brush the ends first and move towards the scalp. Use a comb with extensive teeth to take away tangles. If needed, use a bit of hair oil to loosen tangles. Braid long hair or tie it back to forestall tangles. You can comb or brush an individual’s hair a number of times a day.

What do I have to know about shampooing someone’s hair
Use a shampoo tray if possible. A shampoo tray will be discovered at medical provide shops. It is manufactured from hard plastic with a U-shaped opening for the neck to rest on. The tray is formed to allow water to drain into a bucket. You can even make a shampoo tray at dwelling:

– Roll a big towel right into a log.
– Form the towel log into a U.
– Put the U-formed towel log onto a large plastic trash bag.
– Place the curve of the U beneath the person’s neck and head. The particular person’s head and hair should relaxation inside the trough made by the shape of the U.
– Make sure that the top of the plastic bag is hanging off of the bed.
– Direct the edges of the plastic bag so the water drains right into a bucket.

How do I shampoo someone’s hair
Collect provides:- Shampoo tray
– Towels and washcloths
– Comb and brush
– Shampoo and conditioner
– Bucket
– Basin with heat water
– Plastic pitcher

– Cowl the particular person’s neck, shoulders, and chest so he doesn’t get wet.
– Put the bucket on the flooring or on a footstool at the head of the mattress.
– Cowl the head of the bed with a waterproof pad to maintain the hairstyles for school days mattress from getting wet.
– Gently lift the particular person’s head and place the shampoo tray underneath his head with the U opening below his neck.

– Wet the person’s hair with warm water. Keep away from his ears and eyes.
– Put a small amount of shampoo on the particular person’s head and gently rub his hair and scalp.
– Rinse the individual’s hair with warm water till the shampoo is gone.
– Apply conditioner to the hair, if desired, and rinse well.
– Take away the tray or trough and exchange it with a towel.
– Gently dry the particular person’s hair with the towel.
– Comb or brush and style the particular person’s hair.

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