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Bundles Or Packs

Bundles or packs How to choose your hair when getting weave & extensions
Being an expert hairstylist, I do many weave/extension services. As I began doing increasingly of these services, a ceaselessly requested query has been what kind of hair to buy since lots of my shoppers are trying sew-ins and clip-ins for the first time. Being asked this query so many times is what ultimately led me to starting my very own hair firm. Earlier than, I had no intention on selling hair, but I realized that I need to make sure that my shoppers can get a brand of hair that they may belief. As for me, I wanted dependable hair that I might use regularly and obtain the same results each time, thus L. Jones Hair Collection was born. I have discovered (the onerous method) how do you curl your hair with straighteners that the sort of hair you purchase when getting weave/extension providers is essential to the lifespan of the service you get. You might have a tremendous sew-in but when the hair is just not nice quality hair, you is not going to take pleasure in that wonderful sew-in for long. In this post, I’ll clarify the professionals and cons of hair that comes in bundles and hair that is available in packs, and the way to choose which one is greatest for you.

Many of you will have already heard the terms “pack” in addition to “bundle” in terms of weave. If somebody says their hair came in a pack, that implies that they bought their hair from the magnificence provide store.

The image above is what packs of hair appear to be.
When someone says their hair got here in a bundle that means that their hair was ordered and did not come from a magnificence provide store. Although, nowadays there are some magnificence supply shops that sell hair in the bundle, but the standard just isn’t that nice.

Bundles of hair (physique wave-L. Jones Hair Collection)
Earlier than I knew better, I used to at all times get beauty supply hair. I had by no means skilled using anything better so I didn’t know higher existed. Sooner or later somebody requested me why I wasn’t utilizing bundle hair.
Shortly afterwards I used it for the primary time and could instantly inform an enormous difference in the standard. The hair that was within the bundle felt so a lot better and lasted so much longer that since utilizing it I have not used anything since. Now I can let you know, from my expertise as well as my shoppers’ experience, the variations between the two. Let’s start with pack hair. Listed below are a number of professionals and cons to purchasing beauty provide store hair.
– You solely get one use out of it- This may very well be a pro and/or a con depending on how you take a look at it. On one hand in case you are solely going to use the hair as soon as and for a short time frame, this could also be ideal for you. Should you get some pack hair and actually prefer it you’ve to buy new hair each time you get prepared for a brand new set up. It is better, in my opinion, to pay slightly more and be in a position to make use of the hair more than once.
– It has already been processed (this means if you happen to try to color it, it’s practically impossible)
– Not good quality (often much coarser than bundle hair)
– Low-cost- Again, this could possibly be a professional if you happen to only need the hair for a short while
– Tangles (you consistently need to attempt to comb/brush the tangles out)
– Sheds
– Cannot be shampooed without matting up (I’ve seen this happen and it was a disaster)

If I had a alternative, I would not suggest magnificence supply hair. However, there are a few instances the place I wouldn’t necessarily be towards it both. If it’s your first time sporting weave and you are not going to have it in long, or you are not quite ready to commit to the worth of bundled hair, you may check the waters with beauty supply hair. It’s going to help you considerably experience what it can be wish to have weave/extensions. It is not like it is going to make your hair fall out or something, but it’s like choosing between a selection cut sirloin steak and spam. If you want how your weave/extensions look with magnificence provide hair then chances are that you’ll love bundled hair. There a handful of manufacturers in the beauty supply retailer that are not simply completely terrible but you have to search for them.

Here are just a few execs to buying bundled hair:
– lasts longer
– can be utilized greater than as soon as
– virgin, unprocessed hair (which means it can be coloured a number of instances to no matter coloration you like)
– does not tangle
– does not shed
– will be shampooed as typically as crucial
– can be coloured

The only con to bundle hair is that it prices more. But that additionally relies on how you take a look at it. You are paying extra up entrance however you get to make use of it for so much longer than pack hair. Hair in L. Jones Hair Assortment can be used for one year or extra with correct care and upkeep. So if you happen to divide the associated fee up by the variety of occasions you can use it, it is definitely extra cost efficient to get bundled hair. If you happen to plan on sporting your weave for a protracted time frame or are getting a sew in, I highly advocate that you put money into quality hair. But don’t be fooled, simply because your hair is ordered and comes in a bundle does not make it larger high quality. I was once asked to type someone’s hair who already had it sewn in by another person. She was told that the hair was prime quality (bundled) Brazilian virgin hair. However, once I shampooed the hair it snarled and matted up so dangerous that I could not even detangle it. The shopper needed to go residence and minimize it out. See pic under:

This picture really does not do what was taking place in actual life any justice. As soon as I wet this hair, it got matted and tangled so bad that I couldn’t even stick my finger via it. This was the primary time that I truly needed to send somebody home without doing anything to the hair. I spent an hour trying to detangle it and that is how far I obtained. I simply had to drag it back in a ponytail and ship her house to chop it out. I might have done this myself but I only scheduled a sure amount of time for her and trying to detangle the hair took up all of that point and then some and i had someplace that I had to be. So so as to find out if your bundled hair is any good, first make the individual you are ordering from show you pics of their work and if possible ask that they show you a sample of the hair that they are going to be utilizing. Also, if you’re ordering it from an organization, google opinions of the corporate’s hair. This gives you a clearer picture of how reputable the corporate is. You may as well ask the corporate what grade of hair they use. The higher the quantity, the better the grade. Presently the best grade is 10A, however it is also the most expensive. The hair in L. Jones Hair Collection is 7A & 10A. I provide each for these that basically don’t wish to pay premium pricing however still need great quality hair. I don’t recommend anything under 6A.

Grade 6A Indian virgin hair 8"-30" 5 bundles straight hair extensions natural black 500gThe subsequent question I get asked lots is how many bundles is sufficient (click on here for an in depth reply) If you want to get a full sew in two bundles would be sufficient to do your total head in some cases. Some people like to use more to make it look more full. Longer lengths nonetheless, require more bundles as a result of not as a lot hair is in them. The best way bundled hair is measured is by weight. Longer hair weighs extra so shorter lengths usually have more hair in them. If you are getting hair longer than 18 inches you’d at the very least need three bundles of hair. If you’re on a finances or do not need it to look extraordinarily full you can get two bundles and be just fine.

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