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The Nice Lice Lady

Still recovering from the busy holiday season, I am trying to catch up on some questions I’ve obtained from commenters. I’ve paraphrased and mixed some questions simply to get at the guts of what’s being asked. Let’s start..

You say that a hair dryer is an efficient factor but I did a lice remedy and the instructions said a blow dryer is a bad factor. Additionally, I’ve heard my baby can’t go swimming after a head lice therapy. Why

I cowl this in an earlier weblog submit however I nonetheless have been requested these questions lately. The neurotoxic pesticide in many lice remedies does not kill lice instantly. It kills over time. However issues like blow drying or the chlorination from going swimming could make the pesticide inactive. Which is okay by me as a result of pesticides like permethrin are now not that effective anyway which is why I by no means suggest them.

What is your private lice checking routine with your family Describe your spot checks
My daughters get a fast lice test within the bath once every week. My son does his own lice checks now. After i say quick, I mean fast. I do not even use a steel lice comb for it. I have an everyday plastic fine tooth comb and that i comb by way of their detangled conditioned hair. I examine the comb after every stroke for indicators of bugs. Takes a few minute. If I find an egg or a bug, then I carry out the lice comb and begin combing whereas my child is still within the tub. This lice combing takes about 20 minutes. I used to then observe this up by blow drying my child’s hair after which going by the hair strand by strand to get eggs however I truthfully don’t do that any extra. I simply do another 20 minute combing in the bath 4 days later. And another one four days after that. And one other one 4 days after that. Though, I not often find anything previous the second lice combing. As you understand, that is all I do – I do no further laundry, washing of bedding, vacuuming, braiding of hair, altering of schedules, staying up late – natural anything. I find that routine lice checks make lice a non-situation. You discover the lice before anyone was even aware there was an issue and you deal with it whereas the issue is small and easily remedied.

I would prefer to speak about spot checks because my position on these has changed. If somebody in the house was scratching their head, I used to stop the whole lot and do a quick look at the scalp to see if there were any indicators of head lice. Visible lice checks only really work when you have a major lice drawback and in my house, we by no means have major lice problems because we catch things early. So, if someone scratches their head, I ignore it. If someone scratches their head too much or complains of itchiness, they get a quick wet combing as a result of wet combings are method more effective than visible lice checks.

I can not get a lice comb by way of my kid’s hair for varied reasons. (Or, I don’t have entry to a metallic lice comb.) What do I do

If your baby is traumatized by the pulling of a metal lice comb even by detangled and conditioned hair, then just use a regular plastic nice toothed comb. It should take how to deep condition weave out adult bugs and should you comb usually sufficient you’ll get out the bugs before they lay eggs; this will take longer however you’ll be able to nonetheless outrun their cycle. But when all combing is problematic, undergo your child’s scalp with your fingers and simply take out what you possibly can. Get underneath some good gentle (a head lamp may be very useful in this process. My dollar store head lamp cost $2.50.) This is actually a very relaxing course of for kids. We used to put on comfy clothes, put on a film, and my kids would lay down on the couch with their head on a pillow in my lap and I might just undergo with my fingers. For me, it was like knitting – very calming. For my children, it was additionally enjoyable – they would typically fall asleep and that i would have to wake them up to turn over so I could have a look at the other side their head. As I discussed above, you can too use a blow dryer; try how right here. You already know, if I knew of lice products that basically worked so effectively that you simply didn’t need to take away the bugs and eggs off the head, I might advocate them. Honest. However, I have been to homes where every lice product out there in my country has been how to deep condition weave used accurately and repeatedly with out success. Handbook removing is your best wager – it is cheap and can nonetheless be efficient if you set in the time.

I am combing with the lice comb and discovering nothing however I really feel still itchy. I can really feel something crawling on my head. I am sure I nonetheless have head lice! What do I do

The smartest thing you are able to do is to calm down. Trust the comb. Itching may be attributable to many things that are not head lice, including hyper-awareness. Everybody starts to scratch their heads on the considered head lice, together with me. If you are not finding something within the lice comb, then you do not have a lice drawback. That stated, still do common combings infrequently simply to verify. If the itching persists or gets worse, speak to your doctor.

My little one has head lice and also you say that I don’t want to scrub her bedding, vacuum her mattress, or bag up her stuffed animals. Are you $!#*% serious

I am combing my head and this white flaky, sometimes sticky stuff is in my comb. What is that

It’s “not nits”. It may be dandruff. It stands out as the construct up of some hair product. It may be one thing gross that the wind blew your manner or that your toddler wiped on you. Nits are uniform in form; not flaky however oval. While you get them off the pinnacle, they can generally even seem to have a teensy little tail – this isn’t the egg however a piece of your hair that was ripped off with the egg. The bugs all the time look the identical – they just change in size. A louse the size of a speck of pepper seems to be identical to a grown up louse when you check it out below a microscope. So any particles of varying measurement or form should not be a serious concern.

My daughter’s good friend’s mom simply instructed me she has lice. My daughter has performed with her buddy not too long ago. Does this mean my daughter has lice

No. Every time I find out that someone we have now hung out with has lice, I truly wait until our weekly routine lice test to follow it up. (Until we have been feeling particularly itchy, then I’ll do a wet combing to check throughout the day.) If nothing reveals up within the routine test, I just wait till the next week to do one other routine test. And if I do discover lice, I start the routine of wet combing every few days till we have now had no sightings of nits or bugs for two weeks.

These head lice wouldn’t bother me a lot in the event that they didn’t chunk me all over my physique What can I do to deal with that

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Discuss to a doctor or public well being nurse because your problem is not head lice. Head lice only bite on the scalp or a bit down the neck or around the ears. If in case you have bites someplace else, you could also be dealing with bed bugs, fleas, scabies, or an allergic response to something else.

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