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I Lastly Did It!!

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I finally did it!!
I was lastly able to do some flattwists all the way back on my how to get body wave hair back wavy head. At first glance, it appears to be like like I have cornrowns, but they are flattwists and they give the impression of being nice. I will have to determine how one can get some pics up on here. I lost a good amount of hair in the process because I had to comb through it. I really did not know some other approach to do my hair. I braided it to stretch it out , but as a result of I used Cantu Shea butter leave-in, which made my hair really feel somewhat coated, my hair was more durable to get by means of than normal. At any rate, it was value it to actually have a style. I was getting SO tired of my fro. I mean, I DO find it irresistible, but a fro Each day is just not the move for me. Plus, as my hair gets longer, it ties itself in knots and becomes VERY troublesome to handle. I personally really feel like my hair is troublesome to handle as it is, so I need to attempt to find products that will soften it and help me to stretch it out. It is very tough to get by means of the kinks if I do not stretch it out. Also, the one comb that works nicely on my hair is the Ace huge-toothes comb which is very tough to get out in town so I must order it from Amazon.com. I have held TIGHTLY to my comb for years after giving freely the others. The final time that I bought them I bought 5 of them but THIS time I bought THREE of them. To me, this comb is crucial for detangling and managing my hair.

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