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10 Greatest Braid How-To Videos On YouTube

Learning to braid your hair is a rite of passage as a bit girl. Whether your mom could French braid or barely put your hair in a ponytail, the moment you in some way be taught to make your hair your biggest accessory with just a few twists and turns is completely empowering.

Lately, braids have been making waves in the hair industry and it seems as if a new how to make hair cut technique is created just about daily. Celebrity braids have been flooding the red carpet and hair-obsessed women have been flooding Instagram with photos of their lust-worthy hairstyles. While they’re all gorgeous to take a look at, figuring out exactly how to get the look can be irritating at best.

We went via all of the best hair how-to videos on YouTube to bring you the best tutorials in the braid category, displaying you every form of braid from a fishtail to a waterfall to an upside-down French braid bun. Watch your favourite video just a few times via and then try the braid on your own. Even if it takes a few tries, we promise your friends will all be begging for you to do their hair once you’ve perfected the look.

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The upside down French braid bun hairstyle has been everywhere currently and we will not get enough. Learn the method for the style right here.

Braided Crowns are the ones much more appropriate for those of us who aren’t Kate Middleton and who aren’t quite up to the floral crown. Learn how to don one here.

Waterfall Braids look simple, but even when you may pull off the style, finishing the braid can be tough. Check out this video and learn how to polish the look.

This Dutch braid updo is gorgeous for a marriage ceremony or weekend brunch. Be taught the methods to get the look here.

Dying for a fishtail braid Watch this tutorial and be the envy of all of your friends with the typical three-strand braids.

Three-stranded braids are just fantastic, but we’ve fallen for this five-stranded braid after watching this video.

The spiral staircase bun isn’t for the faint-hearted. Watch this video a few occasions, and if you’re brave enough, attempt the look yourself.

Not the French braid, but the Dutch braid! Learn how to get this lovely fashion here.
Perfect for hiding a bad hair day, this asymmetrical braided updo is an answer to a problem we’ve all had. Learn how to how to make hair cut fix a bad case of bed head here.

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The princess braided updo is match for the inner princess in all of us. Here’s find out how to show off the royalty inside of you.

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