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Hey Ladies are you stressing over what to do together with your weave Are you questioning how lengthy ought to I keep it in Nicely at present we’ll talk about a number of questions and answers. Wearing a weave can generally get how to not have frizzy hair a bit difficult particularly if you’re new to sporting them. You should educate yourself on what to do and the best way to do it. The biggest false impression women have about wearing a weave or extensions is that the hair will take care of itself. You may have to keep you hair up and the weave hair up!

Let’s get down to the fundamentals first in any case that is Weaveology 101:
How lengthy does it take to get a weave put in

1-2 hours for bonded weaves. 2-4 hours for sew in weaves. (This could include chopping and styling)
Are weaves just for African American hair textures

No weaves and extensions are for all hair textures, Straight, Curly, and Silky, Wavy and many others.
I wouldn’t have a relaxer; can I still get a weave

Sure, you don’t have to have a perm /relaxer to get a weave.
I simply had a relaxer/perm can I nonetheless get a weave

You can nonetheless get a weave however it’s best to wait 1-2 weeks after you get your relaxer if you happen to intend to get a sew wave in. In the event you want a bonded weave there isn’t a wait time.

Ought to I wash my hair prior to my appointment
You may and it will save time on the overall process it’s only obligatory in case your stylist requires you to (Ask your stylist if she is going to cost additional for this service). Should you do wash please don’t use excess oil in your scalp previous to your appointment. You also needs to deep situation your hair previous to your appointment.

How many packs of hair do I need
You will need 1 pack of hair for a partial weave, and a couple of packs of hair for a full weave. It is always higher to deliver at the least 2 packs of hair with you this equals to 8 ounces of hair. You can all the time save what you don’t use. For a fuller look and usually when using Virgin hair many ladies will want three packs of hair which equals 12 ounces of hair. (One pack/bundle = four ounces of hair)

How lengthy does my hair have to be to get a weave
Your hair must be a minimum of 3 inches lengthy for a sew-in weave. The length of your hair doesn’t matter if you’re getting a bonded weave.

Can I shampoo my weave
Yes, you could shampoo your sew in weave each two weeks, or as needed. You cannot shampoo a bonded weave.

Should I oil or moisturize my hair and scalp under my weave
Completely! I like to recommend Dr. Miracles Spot Serum or his Develop oil as a hair moister and scalp conditioner. You should utilize any oil you need to use an oil bottle with a nozzle on it so you may get in between the tracks.

Can I transition from a relaxer to pure hair with a weave
Yes, as you don’t need to have a relaxer to have a weave. Weaves are top-of-the-line transitioning styles out because you’re giving your hair a break!

How long can I go away my weave in
6 to 8 weeks is beneficial if you are trying to grow your natural hair. The max is 4 months, when you have a full weave, the weave should look good, but your hair underneath is the principle concern. Usually ladies with silky straight or wavy hair textures can only depart their weaves in for not than 8 weeks. Girls with tighter curls and thicker hair can go the max of 4 months. Matting, tangling, and dreading (which results in hair loss) could also be a consequence if you happen to leave your weave in too lengthy.

Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions 9pcs Straight Hair #60 White Blonde 75-120gAs you possibly can see Ladies it’s really not all that difficult just some primary information to remember as you rock your weave. Ask me any questions you might want to know or let me know which subject you would like to see me talk about in additional particulars.

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