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Crochet Braids: Set up #5 ~ Long & Straight Kanekalon Hair

1. Preparation
First I moisturised my hair in sections utilizing Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Moisturiser (I am nearly out of this so I actually need to restock and get another massive tub in addition to some Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk!) and sealed with EVOO.

2. Braid Sample
I sectioned my hair into two, parting from ear to ear. Subsequent, making a centre parting, I separated the front section in two equal halves. I then sectioned off a small quantity of hair on either aspect of the centre half, massive sufficient for me to install four small braids on both aspect. I then dipped my fingers in olive oil [I find that lubricating my fingers well with oil earlier than starting every braid helps incredibly with slip, reduces tangles and softens my new growth as I begin the braid and continue alongside it, resulting in less breakage as braiding the hair involves a whole lot of manipulation] then braided 2 really small braids shut together at the entrance, however not too tightly. I then braided another three braids on each side so that they would be a mirror identical image of the mirror opposite aspect. I then braided an additional 4 braids on each side, slightly bigger (thicker) than the ones in the highest section. It is vital to put in an equal quantity of braids in order that your model doesn’t find yourself lop sided. The entire braids at the top ended on the centre top of my head.

The first image is how my hair appeared the morning after my wash day which included blowdrying. The second picture reveals the highest of my braid pattern. The third and fourth photos present my braid sample from the aspect and from the back.

I then braided a continuous braid which snaked down the again of my head [finger parting together with approach], beginning at the highest and then finishing at my nape. I didn’t add any extension hair to my braid sample – it’s all my hair and is so much thicker than my first and second installs!!! I tried to include the ends of the hair braided at the highest but it surely was simply looking too bulky each at the highest and on the appropriate hand side the place the braid ended, so I braided two flat braids using the ends of the braids first beginning on my left ear to the centre after which from my right ear to the centre. At the highest I crossed over the centre braids and braided one finish of each facet into the other braid then braided the entire lot collectively which went down the centre of my head in a backwards direction. I then traced this braid alongside the snake braid and secured it with a little bit weave thread. I additionally secured the end of the braid at my nape with slightly weave thread. I hope I don’t remorse utilizing the weave thread on the subject of taking this style down but the last time I used a crochet braid to carry it, it didn’t work effectively and unravelled inside a couple of days….though fascinated by it now if would have been more safe if I’d used a smaller piece of hair to crochet the top together….

Subsequent time; I’ll braid the highest going slightly additional back so the ends fall lower down the again of my head which means that the bulkiest part is lower down and I’ll see how that works for me.

3. Set up
I took the extension hair, minimize it in half down the middle [along the elastic band which secures it within the bundle]. I then took one among the two halves and feathered the ends (like this) so they weren’t blunt which supplies a more natural look once the hair is installed. I then sectioned out pieces of hair which were about half inch extensive and laid them out alongside the sting of the bath [I did the set up within the bathroom as this room has the very best mirror and one of the best lighting, additionally it is easier to clean up the extension hair off the tiled floor than it is to vacuum it up off carpet or decide it off the furnishings!!!].

I then set about putting in the extension hair. I’m not gonna lie to you, it took me a long time to install this hair, however I’m so pleased with the outcomes! Installing curly hair [Aftress Waterwave bulk hair] takes me roughly 2hrs this takes quite a bit longer as it’s much less forgiving with regards to gaps! When putting in the hair at the entrance, I split the sections of extension hair in two so they had been smaller/thinner. Doing this resulted in smaller much less visible and extra secure knots. I twisted each piece of extension hair in the center so it gave the hair a smaller surface space to feed into the crochet hook and looped it over my pointer finger. I then pushed the crochet / latch hook underneath the cornrow braid, looped the extension hair onto the hook, closed the latch and pulled it again by means of the braid in the other direction to how I had inserted it (i.e. in reverse). I only pulled by means of sufficient so that the looped facet of the extension hair was how to style hair like kylie jenner pulled by way of about 2 inches, then I unlatched the hook, replaced it with my fingers and then fed the alternative end of the extension hair via the loop and pulled it tight. The extension hair is then hooked up to my hair circling the cornrow in a loop. I then took two small sections of extension hair from either facet of the piece I had just put in after which knotted the hair twice to secure it. Securing the hair this way reduces the amount of shedding in addition to the chance of you dropping items of hair when strolling down the road!!!!

The picture reveals two rows of hair installed. The sencond picture exhibits the install with simply the top part to finish. The third image reveals the finished installation and the fourth image shows the knots at the top which have been pulled apart barely by pulling the hair again in a bun.

Once more I followed pretty much exactly the identical course of as demonstrated by TheHealthTees on YouTube. She has up to date her install movies since my first crochet braid install earlier this 12 months. Her movies are very thorough and her clarification of how to do the braid pattern and installing the hair covers all the pieces you want to know. In case you are focused on in doing an analogous crochet braid type I might undoubtedly advocate watching videos Half 1, Half 2 and Part 3 as a part of your research. I have tried to cowl in writing the steps I take as not everyone can view YouTube when they’ve the chance to learn blogs, i.e. when they’re using their cell phone and trying to maintain down their information utilization and let’s face it, when they are reading blogs whilst they are at work!

As soon as all the hair was installed I covered my face with my new ‘do’ and crept across the home whilst making noises like in the movie The how to style hair like kylie jenner Grudge! I then tidied up all the hair that was everywhere in the floor, cleared my hair paraphernalia, tied my new hair up and went to bed! Oh, not earlier than taking some pictures and posting a pair on my Facebook web page.

The next day I needed to go to work. As I work in a company setting I didn’t suppose massive disco diva hair could be applicable for the office so I tamed my hair by putting it into a low bun. I had planned on blowdrying the hair that night however I acquired on with other things that I wanted to do as an alternative. So at this time I had to go for the low bun once more.

This night I determined to tackle the blowdrying so armed with a spray bottle of water and my blowdryer, I sectioned my hair and starting on the back I sprayed my hair and blowdried it slightly.

I will likely be all over this type once i subsequent go on holiday!!!! I really like Large HAIR but this simply is not practical for work.

The first picture exhibits the again sectioned off ready for blow drying and likewise reveals the texture of the hair beforehand. The second and third footage show the back area blow dried. Fourth picture present the left hand side (right hand aspect in these footage) blowdried.

Left side, not blow dried. Proper facet blowdried.
End consequence.

The first picture reveals the different testure between not blow dried on the appropriate and blowdried on the left.

Sometime over the weekend I plan to put in some perm rods and set the hair right into a curly type utilizing sizzling
water. If I accomplish that I’ll publish a few pictures of the method and the results.

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