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How one can Care For Fine Hair That Tangles Easily

High quality hair tangles easily when worn long. These tangles can cause hair breakage and be painful to remove when brushing and styling your hair. Wind, sleeping and sports activities activities all contribute to high-quality hair tangles, and it usually seems impossible to forestall this from occurring. Make just a few adjustments in your hair-care routine to encourage tangle-free hair.

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Step 1
Condition your hair daily after each washing. Conserving your hair properly moisturized helps keep tangles at bay by softening the hair shaft, making it harder to turn keratin human hair extensions into entwined with different particular person hairs. Go away-in conditioners may help. If your hair is oily, go for a lightweight oil-free depart-in conditioner and apply while hair remains to be damp.

Step 2
Towel dry and air dry your hair. Heat drying with a blow dryer strips the hair of important oils and dries it out, causing it to tangle more simply. Air drying your hair will keep moisture intact for styling.

Step 3
Cover your pillow with a satin pillowcase to maintain hair smoothed whereas you are sleeping. Cotton and polyester pillowcases catch the hair as you move, inflicting tangles. Furthermore, these pillowcases absorb oils from the hair, making it drier than normal. Satin is nonabsorbent and will permit your hair to maneuver freely as you relaxation.

Step 4
Pull your hair up right into a ponytail or bun utilizing an fabric-wrapped hair elastic. These elastics haven’t any metallic clip so they do not snag the hair. Use these when exercising or going exterior on a windy day. They’re also ideally suited for car trips with the windows down or sunroof open.

Step 5
Put on a cotton turban when making use of make-up, simply earlier than dressing for the day. It will keep your hair in one place if you pull shirts over your head or pull on a jacket that will snag long hair. After dressing, remove the turban and brush your hair.

Step 6
Apply oil-free and alcohol-free styling merchandise such as gels and mousse to hair whereas it is damp. Styling dry hair will worsen tangles and form new ones.

Satin pillowcases

Fabric-wrapped hair elastics
Cotton turban

Oil-free styling products

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Avoid both merchandise containing excess oil and those containing alcohol, which can dry out hair, to keep your hair’s moisture content at a fair stage.
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