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Around July 2015, I suffered a hair setback when i used a protein treatment. In order to recover, I decided not to relax my hair as planned and started using wigs as a protective style. In October, I got a new wig and it was a bit tight. I wore it for a few weeks, thinking that it will loosen up. That month, I seen some thinning on the entrance of my hair. I thought it was the tightness of the wig so I stopped wearing it.
I went back to my regular regimen and I was still losing hair. It finally got to some extent where I had a bald spot (about 2 inches in diameter). It was easy just like the again of my hand. There was no indication for the hope of hair growth.

Throughout all of this, I had an terrible pores and skin rash that would not go away. My skin can be sensitive and reacts to slight changes. Usually, I take advantage of a cream my physician prescribed and it goes away after just a few days however this one lasted for months.

Off to see the Physician
In early December, I went to a unique physician about my pores and skin. I thought he would prescribe some cream or other medicine to treat the rashes. He asked me questions on my weight-reduction plan and talked about eating extra fruits and vegetables. “Who vegetables don epp ”
On the time, I had a horrendous weight loss program. I’d usually eat twice a day and the meals weren’t balanced. I couldn’t remember when i had fresh vegetables or fruit. My job includes standing and speaking for lengthy durations of time. When I’d get house from work, I wanted to lie down for hours before I might do anything else. I was principally running on fumes. The physician told me if I enhance my food plan and rest more, the rash would go away. He gave me a follow-up appointment with the resident dermatologist a few weeks later.
After my appointment with the physician, I determined to get a full checkup and to see a trichologist. I wanted to know what was happening to me. My visit to the trichologist was informative. I was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia.

Being the nerd that I’m, I asked loads of questions and did further research on the web. Based on this information gathered, I’d proceed shedding my hair if I did nothing. With androgenic alopecia, once the hair is lost it does not come back. Evidently, I was worried.
The trichologist recommended Rogaine to help keep the hair I had left. I was cautious of utilizing Rogaine because if I stopped utilizing it, the hair would fall out once more. There are also various uncomfortable side effects.
After meeting with the trichologist, I had my appointment with the dermatologist. She stated the hair loss was on account of stress and it ought to develop again with time.
So, I had some conflicting information. Was my hair loss due to stress or a genetic challenge or something else
I also did a full check up with varied blood exams. Most of the outcomes have been regular. Solely two of the outcomes had low levels: hemoglobin and alkaline phosphatase. Low levels of alkaline phosphatase are normally rare (Source link). When it happens, it is an indicator of protein deficiency or malnutrition. (Supply hyperlink) Hemoglobin is a protein current on purple blood cells that helps to ship oxygen to varied cells within the physique. Low ranges of hemoglobin will be associated with various blood disorders.

Plan of Action
With all this information, I took my time over the Christmas vacation to develop a plan to help with this drawback. (click on right here to view plan)
Geared up, I pushed ahead on my path to hair development. I used to be prepared for the worst which is that my hair would not return. If this occurred, I would reevaluate and make modifications. In the first month, I began to feel higher and my pores and skin rash healed. I wasn’t as drained and that i had extra vitality for my on a regular basis actions. By the tip of the primary month, I noticed that my bald spot wasn’t smooth anymore. It felt rough like hair was rising in. By the third month, the spot was primarily lined. The progress has been so encouraging.

Jan. 2016/Feb. 2016
To be frank, I didn’t observe every part in my plan to the letter. Whats up, exercise. However, the elements I did actually appeared to assist. I long blonde weave plan to proceed and have my scalp and hair checked at the top of the yr.

March 2016
What are you able to do
There are some things that I believe helped me to deal with my hair loss. They could aid you as well.
1. Be an advocate to your health: No one can take higher care of you than you. You have to pay attention to what’s going on with you.
2. Take action: Nothing can change if you don’t change.
3. Be encouraged: You aren’t alone on this wrestle. Many people deal with hair loss each day. I virtually did not share this story on my weblog due to embarrassment. Individuals have reached out to say they’re going through something similar.
4. Be patient: Rome wasn’t inbuilt a day and your hair would not grow back in a single day. It’ll take time earlier than you see adjustments.

I am very joyful that my hair has improved. The whole lot that has happened was because of the neglect of my health. It could seem vain as a result of it took my hair loss to start out getting my well being so as. I am glad that every part has improved.

Nat Says: Thanks for sharing your story with us Uzoma. Research have proven that a poor weight-reduction plan and stress can set off hair loss in some individuals. Take care of yourself, discover stability in life, work, and household, and be very observant of the indicators that your physique provides when you aren’t being your personal greatest good friend.

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