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Ten Techniques For Safely Shaving Your Head

Head shaving done by females in addition to males is seen and accepted far more lately. But historical past tells us it is nothing new. Both historic male and feminine Egyptians used to shave their heads bald. F..

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Head shaving performed by females as well as males is seen and accepted much more lately. But historical past tells us it is nothing new. Both historic male and female Egyptians used to shave their heads bald. Females at all times wore wigs. The trendy feminine who’s shaving her head typically has fun doing so as well.

Many people discover bald heads very sexy. And in the event you didn’t know – Your complete scalp is an erogenous zone after shaving.

If you are certain you are ready to go bald for the primary time, listed below are techniques to help you:
1) Start by chopping and then trimming your head hair to a brief stubble earlier than shaving.

2) Next, take a hot shower. The steam will loosen up the skin and soften the hairs, which can make head shaving simpler. Allow your pores and skin and stubble to be wet for five to 10 minutes.

3) Then apply a rich lubricant and allow it to sit for a short while. You might want to make use of somewhat Tea Tree or mineral oil. This will assist the razor glide more easily whereas shaving your head, which will assist prevent cuts.

4) At all times use a recent, new blade in your razor. And if it begins to really feel like the razor is dragging, put in a brand new blade.

Particularly because people shall be noticing your bald pate, the very last thing you want is scraped, scabby pores and skin. You want smooth and shiny pores and skin after shaving.

Obviously, you can’t see the again of your head to shave it, so if you do not want to end up wanting patchy ..

5) Use a mirror. Additionally, commonly use your fingers to really feel for areas you’ve missed.
Observe: The course of head shaving would not matter as a result of the hair grows in numerous directions. No matter feels best to you.

6) Try not to apply a lot pressure or repeat strokes in the identical space as you’re shaving as both of those actions will certainly irritate the skin.

After you are completed shaving your head –
7) Completely wash off any remaining lubricant with warm water.

8) Then rinse with chilly water. In the event you think you can handle it, rub your head with an ice cube. It will go a great distance to shut and calm the follicles, (the skin model model deep wave depressions from which hairs emerge), and customarily tone your scalp skin.

9) Pat the area dry, making sure to not rub.
10) Many veteran head shavers consider applying witch hazel, after shave or another alcohol based product works nicely to further close the follicles and likewise act as an astringent to kill any germs and bacteria. However beware – Alcohol dries out the skin and dry skin is a serious perpetrator in creating pores and skin irritations.

Tip: One strategy to kill bacteria, stop infection and acquire moisture is to use the favored pure remedy Tea Tree Oil. It’s going to deeply situation your scalp and provide your pate with a wholesome sheen.

There are numerous creams, lotions and oils particularly formulated to limit irritations and itching from shaving.

Used usually, these will soften the pores and skin and hair follicles and even reduce the stiffness of the stubble when hairs start rising in between shaves.

After you rub a goodly quantity into your skin, go ahead and placed on some more – Solely this time do not rub it in but allow your pores and skin to absorb it.

These guidelines are based mostly upon generations of people’s experiences head shaving with a wet razor, so if you happen to observe them, it’s best to obtain essentially the most pleasing outcomes.

Depending on how a lot hair you want exhibiting between shaves, you can shave your head each day, as soon as a week, or solely once a month.

If you happen to determine you do actually take pleasure in having a bald head, perform a little research. There may be an alternate to shaving your head with a wet razor that will remove your hair intently, cleanly and most importantly, safely.

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