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Evolve Volumizer – Anyone Experiencing Hair Loss After Using It

Since getting the Evolve Volumizer eliminated, I’ve been to 2 extra hair restoration specialists and 1 skilled hair loss dermatologist. 1 of the hair restoration specialists was just like all the others– “oh clips will not injury your hair!”– which I know is the furthest thing from the reality.

I can let you know what I’ve discovered, but form of already knew. Anyone with thinning hair and/or excessive shedding (I have each) should not be utilizing clips or something that causes tension or weight on the hair b/c all it is going to do it pull extra hair out. The dermatologist diagnosed me with CTE (chronic telogen effluvium) and mentioned it was a should to baby my hair, which I do already.

The hair restoration specialist which was the fifth I’ve seen, and arms-down one of the best I have been to, stated she would by no means put the Evolve Volumizer in someone’s hair like mine. I even requested her about doing a Katy Perry ponytail, most expensive weave brand and she mentioned no– b/c it will cause tension on my hair and solely contribute to extra shedding and pull more hair out. I asked her about a wig and utilizing the wigrip and a wig cap beneath; she said absolutely not. She stated with wigs, you need to use adhesive or glue, which destroy your hairline and over time will cause permament hair loss around the hairline. She mentioned using a wig cap and the wigrip over time will also make your hair fall out. I said why She stated b/c the wig cap has to be on tight to make the wig look natural, and something tight or constricting round your head is not good in your scalp or hair. She also said the scalp needs air to achieve it, so you’ve to allow your scalp to breath so to speak, and a wig does not enable that to happen. The dermatologist advised me this additionally– he beneficial attempting the HairMax laser brush and mentioned the scalp wants air and sunlight for hair follicles to grow hair. He stated masking up your scalp will solely do your scalp and hair extra hurt in the long run.

The hair restoration specialist mentioned the one factor that may work for someone with CTE (extreme shedding) is to use a halo-sort wire that causes no tension and simply sits in your head and could be removed simply (it lays beneath your actual hair). She does white and black hair, so she said she has seen every thing in the case of hair. She additionally told me and that is disgusting– that she has shoppers who’ve gotten integration hair items from different hair restoration specialists that have wound up with fungal scalp infections and bald spots. She stated when a hair piece doesn’t come off of your head w/o the help of an expert, and if you happen to sweat and/or have an oily scalp, then no air gets to certain components of your head, so what can happen is a fungal infection develops or you may wind up with bald spots. I wonder if this is what happened to you Was the Evolve Volumizer overlaying up the place you now have hair loss Or it could possibly be from stopping the Rogaine, or a mixture of both

I am so sorry to hear what’s occurred to you. I believe the Evolve Volumizer is simply terrible. I nonetheless want I never had touched it. There is no doubt in my thoughts that it precipitated me to shed much more. It additionally left my hair broken where these silicone beads had been clamped onto my bio hair. My hair is super thin now, but it actually looks healthier, but only b/c I went again to my typical hairstylist who lower off a whole lot of the broken strands and consequently, had to give me layers throughout. When she noticed my hair after having the Evolve Volumizer, she had no thought what had occurred. I advised her and she mentioned had she identified what I was going to do, she would have stated no manner can my hair handle that

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If it’s a must to wear a wig, I understand, but please take it off as soon as you get home, and take a break from it at any time when doable. If the Rogaine was helping, I’d say perhaps strive it again. The hair loss dermatologist said shedding from most expensive weave brand Rogaine usually lasts 4-6 weeks. I hope you’re doing okay.

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