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Smooth Slick N Shiny. The Kinky Desires Of Andy.latex..

What the hell is that title extensions all about . Nicely i do not usually inform much about private stuff, i reckon if i do i threat losing it, but i’ve had such an exquisite weekend i’m prepared (with permission from G and P) to let you know somewhat.
In the event you recall just a few weeks back i posted that i and my beautiful loves Gi and her husband P,had been invited t a social gathering with our circle of like minded pals, however as an alternative of going as Mademoiselle Amanda as supposed, i was asked to attend in my usual mode as Maid. Properly final week we were invited to a social gathering on Saturday night time and this time i did go as Mademoiselle Amanda.
All of the week i had anticipated to put on my Latex Pants and a corset prime, one among my favorite outfits, however on the las minute that obtained changed for a black latex pencil skirt, purple latex blouse and a wide (borrowed) corset. Not a problem as a result of it’s probably my favorite outfit, sexy and straightforward (very a lot a replica of one in every of the next hair dryer primary latex outfits i ever saw on Television, worn by Dani behr).
Anyway i was proud of that, but stunned on the change, as a result of P likes these pants, nicely he likes what occurs when he opens the zip that goes down the back (so do i).But my shock at that as totally eclipsed when Gi, my beloved and beautiful “Aunt” revealed she to could be sporting the same combination, solely hers could be a crimson jacket, huge belt and somewhat shorter black skirt.Not only that however our hair and make-up could be the identical. The implication that we were very much “collectively” very clear. In spite of everything our relationship as type of moulded into certainly one of naughty Aunt and Nephew/Niece, Companions when P is away, (which sadly he is for most of this week), So now dressed and made up alike we have been very a lot from the same mould.
However this new look was not just for our hosts and fellow company benefit, I think C Y wore her costume for our benefit although, no shortage of offers to help unlace the back of that gown!. Phew!. neck to ankle.
Sorry off route once more. the occasion as ever was a really elegant Dinner occasion, nothing wild or naughty, simply plenty of sexy enjoyable between mates, however after most of the friends had gone out hosts invited us to view his “playroom” and the moments we acquired there P took over and revealed he and Gi had some fun deliberate.
I’ve had little Roleplay expertise however Gi and P, took the lead and i simply followed and the explanation we had been dressed so alike was revealed as our characters turned clear, An Aunt and niece misplaced on the road fall into the clutches of Master P (God that sounds foolish, but i’m positive lots of you might have had such enjoyable as well). So this result in a lot of pleading and struggling and silliness and ultimately the sight of Gi’s great physique being shrinkwrapped inside a vac mattress, however the nice half was the vac was in a facet cupboard so the noise was really low and barely heard, quiet sufficient to right here the latex stretching about her. Not that had a lot time to dwell on her, for regardless of my pleas, Grasp P wanted some enjoyable with me too.

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So….in order that was my weekend. I don’t as i say reveal much but i just had to say a little and i needed to thank our wonderful hosts V and J. You each actually are wonderfully good people and i really feel privileged to be a part of your world, Thanks so much.

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