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How On this planet Women Curl Thier Hair With A Flat Iron

How in the world women curl thier hair with a flat iron
so i’ve tried to curl my hair a number of time with the flat iron , however it is not working at all ! it’s doing nothing but damaging my hair , i barly use that straightner i have now , it’s babyliss the pink one with the steam system ,, my query is . do u girls use something before curling the bangs or the hair just to keep it within the form cuz i use nothing , only tried the heat protectiction .How in the world girls curl thier hair with a flat iron
Strategy like you’ll usually to straighten it. Where ever u need the curl to start flip the flat iron a full 360 degrees and do that all the way down. Voila! Use a gentle hold aerosol spray after the ehat protectant. Hope this helps!How on the planet women curl thier hair with a flat iron
Hi there, well from my own private experience, and from after i did hairdressing. I used to take the piece of hair you are wanting to curl and wind it up in to a curl roll. then get the flat irons and place the curled hair on to the iron plates. Shut.. and wait olive oil egg hair mask just a few seconds.. when you progress the iron.. there you’re a curly bouncy piece of hair 🙂

Grade 8A Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions Deep curly 3bundles 8inch - 32 inch Natural Black 300gSecond way of doing so. is to take the flat iron run it to the bottom of the hair you are wanting to curl and wind it again up on its self… as your doing this keep knocking down not too onerous!! release the flat iron and there you might be must be all curly. You may have a look on youtube. As im certain somebody somewhere has uploaded a video of curled hair lol.

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