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That Cosplayer Chick — How to Curl A NON HEAT RESISTANT Wig

This is a reasonably temporary tutorial, or at the very least I hope it’ll be. This is actually really easy, simply time consuming. I don’t declare to be knowledgeable, however that is what labored for me and i highly suggest it.

Earlier than:
120g-200g 10pcs Straight Clip In Remy Hair Extensions #60 Platium BlondeNot an excellent picture as a result of I forgot to take one, but it seems to be like your primary $15 (sure it was really $15 or possibly even much less) wig, proper It has a slight curl to it, however not what I need.

I wanted my wig to have damp wanting, well outlined curls. If you want looser curls, I’ll touch on what I believe will work when we get there!

First what you wish to do is put it in curlers. Weft by weft. It would take forever. You’ll get actually frustrated. But there isn’t any other method. I’ve seen folks recommend sponge curlers, but mine were spherical and worked simply fine. So long as they won’t pull at the hair (which means that’s they’re smooth and don’t have any bristles) they’re safe to make use of.

This is my head, Alisha btww
So I have naturally curly hair and have never used curlers earlier than this as a result of I never had a need however Do not CURL ALL The way in which UP LIKE I DID. I ran into complications later, you wish to cease where you need your curl to stop. I’ll show you how I fixed the scenario.

Second you’re going to remove your wig from it’s head and place it into a basin or field or tub whatever you’ve that may match the wig and sufficient water to cowl the complete wig. I selected a plastic field as a result of that’s what I had. Fill mentioned object with boiling water. I recommend just boiling a giant pot of water. However for those who understand there won’t be enough water to fully cowl your wig, at all times add extra. The temperature distinction won’t matter or something.

Leave THE WIG In the WATER Until THE WATER IS COOL. THIS Is going TO TAKE A very long time Simply LET IT SIT. That is HOW YOUR CURLS ARE SETTING, Do not MESS WITH IT.

You’ve got two options now. You might simply look ahead to the wig to dry, but I’ve very little persistence so I blew dry (blow dried idek ) my wig. I just advise extreme warning with this since you don’t need the fibers to melt or one thing idk that’s what everybody says I used it on the most well liked setting and mine was fine.

Now that your wig is completely DRY you may take it out of the curlers. Watch out to not mess up the curls you simply made.

You see that factor I weave did there That’s what occurs when you curl your wig all the way up. Don’t try this factor. So first I bushed out the curls as much as potential as a result of I wished them to be outlined but messy. Then I used the hot water straightening methodology. Principally you set your wig on a wig head, set it within the tub, and poor boiling water over it. I deliberate on starting over completely (I was crying at this point) nevertheless it only received rid of the curls at the highest and gave it this very nice impact.

As you can see mine was still wet from the fresh attempt of admitting defeat. Once It seemed how I wanted it, I hairsprayed the crap out of it. That’s why my curls look somewhat damp or stiff, they had been sprayed whereas wet. Nonetheless, in the event you don’t wait on your curls to completely dry earlier than taking them out of the curlers, you threat completely dropping the curl so I like to recommend rewetting it as soon as your curl has already been formed.

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