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I Continued On The Low Setting

Though I am still constantly learning new wig making methods, it isn’t very often today that I have what I would consider a serious breakthrough. However, at present was positively a breakthrough kinda day!

I have identified about this system for a while, and have monkeyed around with it in the past with out much success. {If you are you looking for|Here’s|If you want to check out|Here is|For} more information regarding Parykk stop by the web-page. However immediately I received severe about heat-forming lace, and I am completely happy to say that it went Manner higher than I assumed it will!

I hate knotting by means of darts in a wig base, and I’ve noticed that lots of the business wigs are made without utilizing any darts at all. That is achieved by stretching nylon lace over a form, and heating it with a heat gun to completely type it to the correct shape.

I had bought a wood toupee block some time back on Aliexpress, and that i decided that it was time to put it to make use of. I stretched some inexpensive Asian ‘swiss’ lace over it (additionally from Aliexpress) and secured it with a staple gun. I took my time and made sure that the lace was taut but not too tight, and that it was as easy as doable in the realm that I would use to create the hairpiece.

I then heated it gently with a heat gun – the kind you’ll buy at a hardware retailer to strip paint. I was hesitant at first, and did not wish to get too near the lace. However I found that on the decrease setting, the gun would heat the lace without burning it. I tried it at the edge on the upper setting, and the lace just shrivelled and turned crispy.

I continued on the low setting, making sure that I coated all of the lace, especially the perimeter of the base form. I went over it several times simply to be sure, and as soon as I used to be completely satisfied that I had heated your entire base, I set it apart and let it cool utterly.

Beneath are the results. I’m amazed at how well the lace holds its shape! In the photos it appears to be like stiff, however it is definitely nonetheless very tender and malleable, it simply has the perfect form of the pinnacle block that I used to type it.

This shall be incredible, not only for making toupees, but also for forming lace for the entrance of wigs. No need for darts at all any more! I really feel that this could utterly change the way in which I make my bases from now on!

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Now that I am comfy with the method I’ll attempt a couple of different types of lace to see which of them work with heat. I am actually excited to see what the outcomes can be!

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