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Padding And Shaping The Hair

To be able to create an Elizabethan hairstyle I had to carry out quite a lot of techniques akin to curling crimping and plaiting before adding rats which are form of padding to the hair.

I firstly began on half the pinnacle and took a section of hair from the front of the hair to about the temples on the face after which began to curl the sections the curls on the front of the pinnacle I typically needed them to be tight curls in order to make pin curls to go around the front of the hair line.
I then took another part of hair greater than the part I added the curls to as this part should have sufficient hair so as to cover the rats when it’s secured to the top.
Then I French plaited a small section of hair which will act as an anchor to secure the rats to the top, in order to maintain the plait in place I overplayed the end of the braid over top of the plaited section hooked up to the top and secured it with hair pins.

Subsequent I added the rats to the hair which is able to act as the padding. The rats are simply made using tights and couch roll paper. I pierced the rats utilizing a hair pin which is then hooked up it to the braid so as to carry it in place .I carried this course of out a number of instances so as to hold it in place so when styling the hair there will likely be no movement.

As soon as I secured the rats to the braid I then used the crimped piece of hair and overlaid it over prime of the rats to cowl it , I then tucked the ends of the hair underneath the rats and secured the hair in place using hair pins. If there may be a large amount of hair to cover the rats this may often be fairly heavy inflicting it to drop and look messy, in an effort to make the hairstyle look total neater and more secure its often finest to section the crimped items of hair into three after which pin every part to the hair .

To be able to tie the whole Elizabethan look collectively using hair pins I pulled a few of the curls over top of the crimped section of hair after which used the remainder of the curls to create pin tail curls which I situated around the face on top of the hair line.

I then carried out the identical course of on the other half of the top. This is my finished look.
This can be a facet view of my finished Elizabethan look with padding used so as to add volume to the hair.

I found I sectioned the hair effectively to be able picture yourself with different hairstyles to make the curls and crimped part of hair look neat and even. I discovered it quite difficult to safe the rats into the hair .General I believed the Elizabethan look I created was neat but may have included more quantity maybe by securing the rats higher into the hair, the pin tail curls also wanted to be neater.

Once I had finished the design i asked Lottie her normal opinion on my attempt at an Elizabethan hairstyle she thought the design was a pleasant concept and an excellent try.
The things i needed to give attention to however, was ensuring the pin tail curls have been extra safe around the hairline and the hair pins holding the curls in place were disguised a bit better.
experimenting with Elizabethan hairstyles utilizing padding

I experimented with the completely different strategies I’ve learnt from earlier classes comparable to crimping, curling, plaiting and adding padding to the hair. to create my very own interpretation of an Elizabethan hairstyle.

firstly i sectioned the hair into two and the French plaited two sections of hair on the again of the hair this can act as an anchor and secure the padding within the hair.

next I applied the padding to the French plaits using hair pins. I determined to situate the padding additional back within the hair moderately than picture yourself with different hairstyles closer to the entrance of the top because of the frizzing method i used on the part of hair which would cover the padding would create plenty of quantity and the length of the fashions hair was typically quite long so i used to be therefore capable of get away with placing the padding additional in the direction of the back of the top.

On the section of hair which would be used to cover the padding I used a Geisha pin I weaved sections of hair via the pin and utilized the hair straighteners over prime of the weaved piece of hair I then eliminated the pin which left me with a zig zag curl. I then barely brushed the zig zag curl out to create a frizzed effect which might create volume. I carried this course of out till the entire hair which can be used to cover the padding was frizzed then I overplayed the part overtop of the padding and secured in place utilizing hair pins.

Lastly with my third section of hair which was a slightly smaller section, utilizing my curlers i created pin curls which I then situated around the entrance of the hair line and secured in place utilizing hair pins.

After carrying out the French plaiting, applying the padding to the hair, the zig zag curling, and the curling this was the end result of my final Elizabethan hairstyle.

Even though my Elizabethan style didn’t embrace much volume I really feel the pin tail curls look neater than my first try and the hair fashion seems to be neat and safe.

It’s noticeable that the majority hairstyles in the Elizabethan period have been either rounded or coronary heart formed and pinned back off their faces. when working making use of padding to the hair the primary goal was to verify the hairstyle was shaped appropriately in order look Elizabethan. The outcome of the Hairstyle additionally needed to be symmetrical.

anonymous. (1580). Elizabethan hairstyles. Available: http://trystancraft.com/costume/2011/07/15/elizabethan-hairstyles-1560-1600/. Last accessed 23/10/14.

anonymous. (1593). Elizabethan hairstyles. Available: http://trystancraft.com/costume/2011/07/15/elizabethan-hairstyles-1560-1600/. Last accessed 14/10/14.

The picture of Emilia Bassano 1593 ( left ) highlights a prominent heart formed heart fashion and the picture of Queen Elizabeth 1580 (proper) highlights the rounded hairstyles the Elizabethans used to put on.

I researched a number of contemporary hairstyles which relate to the methods and styles I used when creating my very own interpretation of an Elizabeth an hairstyle.

Thom Browne . (2014 spring). Thom Browne New York spring 2014. Out there: http://www.stylebistro.com/runway/Thom+Browne/New+York+Vogue+Week+Spring+2014/Particulars/BMlVeJs3WG0. Last accessed 23/10/14.

On this picture from New York vogue week it is recognisable that stylist Thom Browne has used numerous back combing to attain the amount he has within the Image. The look is total very Elizabethan on account of Thom Brown including a crimson coin with pearls connected to the models hair. In Elizabethan times it is understood throughout the era pearls and purple was worn notably to focus on wealth.

I like how Thom Browne has incorporated color into his hair design, I also like using the coif in the hair which ties the whole Elizabethan look together. The color scheme of crimson and white used on this general look can be very Elizabethan.

Davis Bitton. (2010). Elizabethan age-up model. Obtainable: http://www.hairfinder.com/hairstyles5/davis-upstyle12.htm. Final accessed 23/10/14.

Here is One other trendy interpretation of the Elizabethan hairstyles this fashion is created by Davis Bitton . With a view to create such a clean rounded type it is feasible that padding has been added underneath the hair to create such a prominent shape and volume. The look additionally could be thought-about as very Elizabethan as a result of fashion of plaits situated across the front of the padding. In response to the article, Davis Bitton intention was to keep the hair off the fashions face and to form the hair to appear to be a coif fitted to the head in an effort to create an Elizabethan impact.

I like how the artist has create such a easy communicate look with the hair. I also like how Davis Bitton has used the extra piece of hair to create a coif on this style to create an Elizabethan like effect this idea is very clever.

nameless. (unknown). unknown. Accessible: http://uk.pinterest.com/pin/319685273523522733/. Last accessed 23/10/14.

The picture used on the entrance of a trend journal to portray the fabulous Elizabethan has many various techniques used, resembling a variety of plaiting strategies and pin tail curls situated across the face. There can be a chance that the quantity achieved on this look o’s gained because of the padding

100s 1g/s Straight Micro Loop Hair Extensions #2 Darkest BrownI like how the artist included a variety of different methods reminiscent of them pin tail curls padding to realize the quantity of the fashion and primarily the plaiting strategies used. The plaiting method used is nearly like a basket impact and may be very impact.

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