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The best way to Curl Your Hair

Your hair should be utterly dry if you begin because curls won’t last if it’s damp. Spritz with heat-protection spray, which protects hair from the heat, and also reduces frizz and adds shine.

2. Separate hair right into a top platinum wigs reviews and backside section, to make curling more manageable, especially you probably have very long or thick hair. Get the top section out of the best way by tying it right into a bun on high of your head.

3. Take a one-inch section of hair and spritz with hairspray to help give your curl added hold.
4. Using skinny, flat straighteners, clamp down on the section of hair pretty close to the scalp. Turn the straighteners back on themselves by 180 degrees, after which gently and slowly run them down the section of hair until you attain the end. The extra slowly you progress the straighteners, the tighter the curl will likely be (for a unfastened wave, transfer quite rapidly).

5. Repeat until you’ve platinum wigs reviews curled the entire bottom section of hair and then do the same with the top. When working with the sections near your hairline, curl outwards so that the curls frame your face.

6. Finish with a misting of hairspray to set in place. Use your fingers to raise sections gently as you go, so that the spray reaches all the hair, in addition to breaking up the curls for a extra natural end.

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