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How Much Shrinkage Do You Experience

If you’re in the strategy of rising lengthy pure hair, you are doubtless aware of how much your hair grows every month and conscious of practices that limit length retention. In case your hair is usually retaining length then you need to by no means be impatient about seeing the fruit of your labor, correct Nicely, I can say that I used to be typically impatient and sought methods to spice up my hair growth early in my hair development journey (shortcuts didn’t pan out, by the way). Considered one of the explanations for this impatience just isn’t because my hair wasn’t rising, but slightly because it seemed prefer it took ceaselessly to see the length I had so diligently made an effort to retain. As somebody with tightly coiled hair and who experiences 60%-75% shrinkage with wet hair, I’ll highlight the difference between how lengthy my it took my hair to succeed in a certain length and the way long it took for me to notice a rise in size on my natural hair.

The big Chop
One among the great issues about this stage in my hair journey was the truth that my hair was cut so quick that over the course of 6 months the length I retained was fairly noticeable. For instance, I went from carrying a curly fro, to with the ability to wear flat twists and mini twists. I would go as far as to say that at no different stage in my pure hair journey has the expansion I retained over the course of one yr so evident to products for hair extensions care myself and to others as it was during my first yr pure. While you minimize your hair very short it is easier to notice the 5 or 6 inches that you retain throughout that first year.

Shoulder Length
Whereas I know that my hair may have appeared a bit totally different as it grew from about ear size to shoulder size, I actually didn’t discover unless my hair was either straightened or in a picked out fro. In mini twists, which was one of my staple style at this length, my hair actually didn’t seem that different. For a lot of naturals this medium size stage can seem a bit irritating because you lose the convenience of a TWA however you don’t but have the size to create styles you admire on longer lengths. Now, for women with much less shrinkage it could take much less time to see a noticeable difference but for me it felt prefer it took a great 18 months for me to develop out of the medium hair size stage. A method that I enjoyed this stage was by benefiting from how my hair framed my face. I was able to put on a bob without slicing my hair, something that I solely appreciated once my hair was longer.

Arm Pit Size
I discovered that I used to be able to more quickly see the progress of my hair over the quick term, not simply in terms of length however when it comes to volume. My hair nonetheless had a tapered look but due to the size my hair appeared thicker even once i had main shrinkage. So whereas it took about 15 months to go from arm pit size to mid back size, I used to be able to notice major modifications in my twist outs and what appeared to be longer blow outs every six months. This stage if often much less irritating that rising your hair to shoulder length because you now have the size to perform a plethora of styles.

Mid-again Size and Longer
My hair is similar size in each images. Within the photo on the highest my hair is wet and shrunken. Within the photo on the bottom my hair is lightly flat ironed.

I’ll preface this section by saying that I’ve a pretty lengthy torso so on my physique mid-back length and waist length aren’t too far apart. It took my hair a few yr to develop from mid again length to waist size. Like my expertise with arm pit size, I observed an increase in hair quantity as the natural layers in my hair grew out. I would say that every 4 months I seen a major distinction in stretched types. Because I had to wait much less time to experience the benefits of retained size, I monitored my size retention much less. At this stage, I might say that for myself and lots of naturals I’ve adopted on vlogs and blogs, the main focus shifts from size to upkeep. The “Will my hair grow ” questions no longer exist since you now know the answer to that query. Once my hair reached waist size the adjustments from 12 months to 12 months turned a lot much less noticeable. Because my layers completed rising out at this length the quantity of my hair remained consistent such that two or three inches in size retention didn’t seem to vary the appearance of hair types. Except you need tail bone size hair or longer, the shock factor of seeing longer hair when your hair is straightened wears off at this stage.

7pcs Body Wavy Virgin Brazilian Clip in Hair #1B Natural BlackI’ve discovered that the pursuit of longer hair is not a pursuit I stress over. I settle for that my hair can do superb things, which include main shrinkage. It may take longer for my hair to point out size but the vital factor is that it is healthy, growing and uniquely me.

I experience as much as 75% shrinkage. How much shrinkage do you experience

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