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Hellp Me On Hair Fashion!

I might stay follow your pure color. It at all times seems the most effective!
r red 27 piece weave u kiding. black hair and blue eyes is awesum.. 🙂 dont fear about that. blonde is ok. however it normally looks better when u stick 2 ur natural skin colour.. coz in any other case if u make a really drastic change it’d look wierd.hth

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olive skin,black hair,and blue eyes. what more could a person ask. the ones that don,t.i bet you have red 27 piece weave ladies turning their head every the place you go.forget the you know how many people would love to have what you got even women.don,t touch a thing.all i can say is wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, please, please, PUH-LEEEEASE DOOOON’T dye your hair blond!!
Blue-eyed people look so Nice when their hair is darkish, particularly black. (that is not to say blond people don’t look good with blue eyes..they look good with blue eyes too..)

Take a look at Elizabeth Taylor (in her youth) for example. She is a darkish-haired magnificence with gorgeous blue eyes!

PLEASE!!!! Keep your hair dark..especially along with your olive skin tone, you’re probably breathtaking. Don’t GO BLOND!! Stay A BRUNETTE!! 🙂

That is my opinion. Glad choosing.

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