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The 30 Second Guide To Grooming A Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons are a semi-longhaired breed and have a heavy thick coat. Frequent grooming is required to prevent the fur from matting and knotting.

Widespread locations the place knots can develop are across the entrance and again legs on the underside of the body.

Things you will need:
1. Mild cat shampoo
2. Empty bottle for mixing water with shampoo
3. Rinsing jug and/or shower spray
4. Steel comb
5. Fur brush
6. Clippers (“rounded” sort)

A Maine Coon breeder shared with me her technique for bathing her 7 Maine Coon cats!
Add half cat shampoo and heat water to an empty bottle (quantities according to instructions on bottle) and mix thoroughly.

Run the bath, with out your cat knowing its for him/her!
Gently lower your cat into a crammed bath (2-3 inch depth of water approx), feet first and gently pour bath water over body with a jug.

Add shampoo/water mix on a section of the fur and lather steadily.
Be as flowing and speedy as you’ll be able to with none sudden movements. Supply reassurance and praise throughout.

When fully lathered, rinse as totally as you can. Again be gentle and try to avoid red hair extensions uk quick jets of water or an excessive amount of splashing.

Place the cat in a big towel and dry as much excess water out the fur as quickly as possible.
Soon after, get the primary brush onto the coat and proceed to groom at common intervals until the coat is dry. I’ve heard of some house owners utilizing hair dryers, though we’ve by no means used this technique so cant comment on its effectiveness.

Pay particular attention to the tail, and be careful not to catch the tailbone with the brush. This may be painful and can cause to discomfort if further care will not be taken.

TIP: You’ll be able to put on gardening gloves in case your Maine Coon has a tendency to scratch whilst he is being groomed. We dont tend to put on these ourselves as Henry has been groomed since he was a kitten and is sort of used to this routine. He also is aware of he will receive treats as soon as the trauma is over!

Claw Clipping
If you don’t really feel assured with this, you could ask your vet to carry this out, or a professional groomer. However, if approached carefully, it may be performed shortly and with out discomfort to the cat.

An important factor shouldn’t be to cut too far down the claw into the “quick”. This looks like a pink pointed claw throughout the claw.

My advice when beginning out with that is to simply clip the factors red hair extensions uk off the claws usually, somewhat than leaving long periods between clipping.

The other thing to remember is not to cut “across” the claw. It’s essential to reduce with the clippers going through down in the identical route because the claw is pointing.

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