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Will This Canine Hair Loss Not Grow Again

Indian Virgin Hair Deep Curly 4x4 Middle Part Lace Top Closures 8-20 Inch Natural BlackIs it mange, or something else I have a female Beagle, roughly three years outdated. Just recently I observed some discoloration on her fur on her again close to her hind quarters. After i regarded closer I realized it was dried blood, and that fairly a big patch of her fur was thinning. I also found dried blood on her stomach, and the pores and skin there was purple and irritated. She has been scratching quite persistently to the purpose of making herself bleed. I first assumed it was fleas, so I gave her a bath and handled her with Advantage. It calmed considerably, however the itching persisted as the times went by. Now she has just a few scraps on her legs, not scabs, however small scraps attributable to her claws, and a small bald spot close to the original thinning hair. And I have been noticing a stronger odour than normal (not the rotting flesh that they declare is related to Mange, extra like she’s been outdoors for hours) however it’s almost cloying at instances. After looking the internet, I realize this has all of the signs of mange, but part of me remains sceptical (and hopeful) that it actually isn’t. The explanation being, that I even have 6 different cats and a dog and none of them are displaying any of those signs. My mother claims that it could possibly be allergies causing this, and dry pores and skin. Evidently sew in brazilian weave the problems began after I put a flea collar on her. Is it doable she had an allergic response to this Will allergic reactions trigger these signs Is there any manner to essentially tell the difference I would take her to a vet, however unfortunately cash is tight, so it is actually not an possibility. Any help could be much appreciated. Thank you.

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