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Why Wont My Hair Extensions Hold A Curl

In case you have purchased a set of straight 100% human remy hair extensions, but have noticed that they do not hold a curl very well, you could also be left wondering why this is. This is a question that is asked ceaselessly amongst the hair extensions group, as the difficulty is common place for hair extensions of all origins and qualities.

While the concept of hair extensions not being in a position to hold a curl could at first seem concerning, there is in reality a quite simple motive why this could happen.

Why Do Some Human Hair Extensions Not Hold A Curl
The explanation why some units of hair extensions will curl and hold a style and others may not, is purely down to the fact that the product you’re coping with is a human product. This was not formulated by means of the usage of chemicals, this grew instantly from an individuals scalp, and therefore each set of hair extensions could have its own unique set of characteristics.

Lets short and medium hairstyles take our minds back to our faculty days to know this idea from a special perspective. In case you assume back to if you had been at college, and all of the different types of hair each lady in your class had, every would have their very own advantages and draw backs. Some would have tremendous slick shiny hair, others coarse and curly. Some would have hair that would hold any model conceivable, whereas others would have hair that may limp the moment it was exposed to even the tiniest puff of wind. Effectively hair extensions usually are not excluded from this rule, and the same idea may be applied to any set of hair extensions purchase across the globe.

No Two Sets Of Human Hair Extension Could be 100% Identical
When purchasing a set of hair extensions, whether or not you constantly use the identical model and even the identical colour, no two units of hair extensions will ever be the identical, and it is virtually inconceivable to control.

In case you have a set of 100% human remy hair extensions that don’t hold a curl in addition to a good friend, or a earlier set, unfortunately this is simply the nature of a human product. If your hair extensions will not hold a curl, the donor for which your hair extensions have come from almost certainly would have had the identical frustration when the hair was her own, its a part of nature, and its what makes hair extensions so stunning.

Hair extensions are an attractive accessory which can be utilized to enhance our natural beauty, however it is very straightforward to forget that this isn’t only a product, however was as soon as a part of a living being. Embrace your new hair and the individual qualities it possesses, hair extensions take an incredibly very long time to develop, and are a fantastic sacrifice from the donor, and no matter what type they’ll or can’t hold, all hair extensions are stunning in their own way.

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