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Yarn Braids On Pure Hair

So I determined to braid my hair cos for some time, I’ll be somewhere the place I won’t have the time to make my hair each two weeks.

If you understand the texture of my hair, you’ll know short green hair that it’s probably not the obedient kind. Even when it was relaxed, it obtained rough very easily. And as for my pure hair, the speed at which it gets tough and frizzes is off the hinges. In order a pure haired lady, I came upon that the only braids I may get away with was kinky braids. That was till i discovered yarn braids. The wool is dull enough to mask the frizziness of my hair. So i decided to strive yarn braids this time.

I at all times dread a go to to the salon. The final time I visited the salon was last December, after i did kinky braids. So I needed to mentally put together myself and my physically prepare my hair for this occasion. You know braids has the tendency of drying out our natural hair, so I had to reduce the chance of this by correctly taking of my hair before braiding

Before braiding
I loosed my twists and detangled my hair.
I did my most popular methodology of Deep conditioning on my hair. I left it in my hair for five hours.
I then washed and conditioned my hair.
I then used ACV to do away with any leftover construct ups and smoothen my hair cuticles.
Lastly I did the tea rinse to further condition and soften my hair.
After washing my hair, whereas still moist, not dripping wet, I applied a mixture of castor oil and olive oil and at last sealed it with my Africa Naturalista hair butter.
I then stretched my hair by braiding it in eight elements, put on my satin bonnet, and jumped on the bed, kissed my pillow, and said goodnight to God.
The subsequent morning, i sprayed my hair with a mixture of water, olive oil and glycerin and proceeded to the salon

Throughout Braiding
After the usual instructions to the stylists which went thus
Thou shall not pick my tiny, or ‘arrange’ my in front hair
Thou shall not braid my hair tight
Thou shall not comb my hair
And another essential-to-me but petty-to-them instructions,

We lastly began the braids. They always requested why I didn’t relax my hair, and i constantly educated them about pure hair. After some time, certainly one of them stated ‘Aahh ,you really like this natural hair factor o’. They may see the fervour with which I talked about pure hair.
After three hours of my gruelling salon experience, this is what I ended up with.

After Braiding
I don’t plan to neglect my hair simply because it’s braided, lest the protective styling now becomes my nemesis. So here is my regimen
I will do the every day spritz every morning and night time. It’s a mixture of water, olive oil and glycerin
I will wash my hair every other week, as standard
I’ll use a mixture of castor oil and olive oil round my edges

The advantage of yarn braids for natural hair is that not like extensions, wool is definitely very light. So the weight doesn’t really draw or burden your hair strands. This means very low threat of alopecia
The drawback is that yarn braids has a very dull looks in comparison with extensions. So you would possibly wish to spice your search for by adorning your self with vibrant make up and equipment

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