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Eyelash Extensions @Devonshire Chosen Beauty Salons

Some time before Chinese language New Year I obtained an e-mail from a magnificence parlor named Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons. Their request was simple – to offer their eyelash extension service to me. I used to be elated however to be sincere, I felt somewhat hesitant at the identical time. You see, I tried eyelash extensions earlier than at a special salon but I wasn’t happy with the outcomes. I solely favored it when a layer of mascara was applied over the extensions; which completely defeated the aim.

The rationale why I determined to go ahead and take a look at Devonshire’s service is because I’ve been eyeing on Kim Kardashian’s and Kylie Jenner’s lashes for the longest time. No matter how a lot mascara I apply, I will by no means be in a position to achieve the length or quantity of their desirable lashes. Sticking on falsies could be pretty time consuming too! I imply it’s always a dream of any woman to have full but pure wanting eyelashes right Therefore, I paid a go to to Devonshire Chosen Beauty Salons.

This time, I got here additional ready. I knew precisely the kind of lashes I wanted to stroll out of the salon with. I had tons of photographs of Kylie Jenner’s lashes in my phone and was prepared to show my technician/eyelist what I wished. Normally at such beauty parlours, your requests could get rejected as a result of aesthetic causes. For example, your facial options or eye shape could not suit a particular style. However at Devonshire, you may be assured that you’re going to get whatever you need which instantly makes a customer glad and confident.

But if you are not sure of you want and would rather seek professional recommendation, fret not! Leading eyelash extension technician, MOMO might be very happy to help. MOMO Nishikori is a certified technician from Japan who has more than 7 years of experience on this area. She has been training such services and imparting the information to others in Shibuya, Japan alongside her sister. Basically, upon arrival, MOMO will examine your lash hair quality; eye form and face shape to determine which lash design would suit you higher. However as talked about earlier, you might be all the time greater than welcomed to propose the best type.

MOMO Nishikori, certified instructor by Japan Lash Association.
There are numerous lengths and thickness of extensions to choose from but I recommend you make your money worthwhile and take a look at essentially the most voluminous one. hehehe. Once you have selected the model that you want, you will be ushered to your “treatment” bed.

What I really like about Devonshire Selected Magnificence Salons so much is their classy and spa-like interior design. I’ve heard and are available across numerous different eyelash extension salons before and none of them have an ambience as tranquil as Devonshire’s. Stepping into the salon critically felt like stepping into a spa. It had a calm and peaceful ambiance that may immediately make you feel relaxed and moderately, sleepy. hehehe. It’s an experience above what I’m often accustomed to and it’s one in every of the primary elements to why I highly suggest everybody to attempt Devonshire out.

The salon is gorgeous.
I’ve already visited the salon twice and these pictures are taken during my second visit. The primary appointment was about 2 weeks earlier than my second one and the lashes are nonetheless very effectively intact and in place as you’ll be able to see from the pictures. I took extra care of my extensions unlike the earlier time hence they managed to final pretty long.

I suppose what makes Devonshire’s EyeDesign particular and protected is that the glue and all of the extensions used are manufactured in Japan EyeDesign Factory. The glue in particular is made specifically for sensitive eyes hence it’s very secure and gentle on our natural lashes. In order to forestall any irritation around the eye area, MOMO is skilled to place the extensions 2mm away from the lash root. This additionally prevents harm to the pure lashes.

2 weeks after the first visit and my extensions are still pretty full and nicely intact.
The whole procedure lasted for 1 hour which is extraordinarily quick given that I woke up after with 120 extensions glued to my pure lashes. Sure, I fell asleep throughout both the primary and second sessions. MOMO was exceptionally skilled at it, she was calm, gentle and had a steady hand. I didn’t feel any discomfort at all during the classes which resulted in me falling asleep. hehehe.

Usually for first timers, you could feel a sting in your eyes if you open them after the session but I did not really feel something at all after my classes with MOMO. I’m so grateful that Devonshire reached out to me as a result of it is most likely among the best issues I’ve accomplished for myself this yr. I thought that I would by no means do eyelash extensions anymore but Devonshire managed to vary my thoughts 🙂

Their extensions are so comfortable; it doesn’t obstruct my view or add weight onto my lids at all. Regardless that I requested for full and voluminous Kylie Jenner lashes, the extensions still feel tender and light. What I love most about them is how nicely they curl upwards; enlarging my eyes. I’ve seen how some extensions causes women’ eyes to look smaller but Devonshire’s don’t do that in any respect! I have no regrets short half and half hair and i will certainly keep coming back for extra.

Continuously asked questions on eyelash extensions.
1. How long do the extensions final

Eyelash extensions are semi-everlasting and will final up to 2 months if they’re well taken care of. The extensions may fall as and when your natural lashes fall. It is regular to your natural lashes to fall as a result of lash cycle.

2. Are eyelash extensions safe
If your extensions are utilized by a trained and licensed eyelash extensionist/technician, it is totally safe and harmless. All the time read opinions and do analysis on the salon you are planning to go to.

3. Will extensions injury my natural lashes
In the event that they’re finished at a reputable and reliable salon that makes use of safe glue, you’ll be fine. How they honest after relies on how properly you take care of them.

4. Will I be ready to use make up on my eyes after
Sure, after all. You may apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and even non-waterproof mascara. Simply be sure that to use water-based make up remover after. In case you liked this informative article and you wish to acquire more information about weave i implore you to go to our own web page. Something oil-primarily based might weaken the glue leading to lost of extensions.

5. How do I take care of my extensions
– Keep away from pulling, choosing or rubbing your lashes at all times. Even when it seems to be falling out, just depart it to fall naturally. Never ever pull an extension out since you could also be pulling your natural lash out at the identical time.

– Keep away from contact with water 6-7 hours after software.
– Do not use oil based make up remover or cleansers.

– By no means ever curl your extensions as that may break both the extensions and your natural lashes.
– Occasional short visits to sauna or steam room is ok however prolong usage might cause the glue/adhesive to weaken leading to misplaced of extensions.

– If your extensions get tangled, gently brush it with a mascara wand.
And that is it!!! I take a shorter time to apply my each day make up now due to my new lash extensions! I not must spend further time sticking on falsies for photo shoots or special events. I’ve long and full lashes on a regular basis now! Thanks Devonshire Selected Magnificence Salons!:)

Devonshire Chosen Magnificence Salons is situated at:
113 Devonshire Street
(Just throughout the street from Triple One Somerset, same street as the Singtel constructing)

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Call 6334 7898 for enquires or to e book an appointment.

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