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Simple Ways To spot Fake Virgin Hair Extensions

“Hair extensions and wigs aren’t the same factor. Wigs are for previous ladies and drag queens whereas hair extensions are for women who want longer hair! By no means carry it up when you assume a girl is wearing either to remain on the protected aspect. Respect all choices” — Jennifer Coolidge.

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Women flip to hair extensions to spice up hair volume, however only the very best high quality of extensions can make that happen. This is where virgin hair extensions come into play.

What Are Virgin Hair Extensions
Do you know extensions may be made from various kinds of hair including a human’s, animal hair, artificial fiber and even a mix of all three hair varieties

Out of all hair extension types, virgin or raw hair is the highest quality and highly preferred for extensions. Any such hair is doesn’t go through harsh chemical procedures and hasn’t undergone any dye, bleach perm, laborious wash or related injury.

How Are Virgin Hair Extensions Made
Virgin or raw hair is donated immediately by a human donor, then washed and packed for sale. All hair cuticles are minimize and connected in correct alignment which ensures silkier and softer extensions.

How to identify Fake Virgin Hair Extensions
Buying the true deal can change into tough what with sellers marketing faux virgin human hair extensions as actual and selling them to salons and individual clients. Fortuitously, there are some ways you possibly can easily spot actual from fake!

Examine the Cuticles
Real virgin human hair features hair cuticles even when the hair extensions are designed and made. Nevertheless, not at all processes preserve hair cuticles of extensions which is why it turns into simpler to spot actual and natural virgin hair.

Examine the cuticles earlier than shopping for natural hair extensions. It is a pretend product if cuticles have been damaged.

Examine for Left-over Chemicals
Natural and real virgin hair is most popular for its chemical free nature.

What does this imply There needs to be no traces of dyes, perming or relaxers.
Simply put, if the extensions have undergone any process involving extra than simply water and steam, it is certainly chemical processing.

Check the Color
What is essentially the most defining issue of real virgin hair Real virgin hair extensions are dyed or coloured, which makes it evident by the nature appear and feel.

Extensions come in different colors and styles yet predominant features of a product come from different spray perfume in hair areas.

Look carefully on the uniformity of the colour of strands. Most hair features pure highlights which mix darker and lighter shade intonations and components.

Found a hair extension that features a constant and monochrome color palette Most probably, it’s fake.

How to make sure that you are shopping for the true deal Make sure you deal with suppliers of real virgin hair for all extension types. The online store Mayvenn affords hair extensions according to the look and style you are looking for! Browse their intensive catalogue right now.

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