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Individuals Jump To Conclusions So much

So does Mary J. Blige- Who thinks haircolor is restricted to sure ethnicities is absurd! Keep doing all your factor!

Keratin U Tip Brazilian Straight Virgin Human Hairas a result of we’re principally takng everything theyve had the clothes they put on i imply hollister is worn by everyone now when folks used to consider it as a “white” retailer

Why do black individuals have an issue with the face that i am white and i have black cornrows
I think it is all in your head.

It is their own insecurities they’re having a problem with, you just occur to be a simple strategy to for them make them selves really feel better.

I wager you look scorching together with your hair, stick with it babe.
I think you maybe generalize a little bit. I am white (properly, principally white) and I do not care what colour hair anybody has.

Some persons are simply uptight about stupid stuff that’s none of their business anyways.
who do you care what individuals assume

love what you’ve bought. own it.
we don’t! who ever told you that

besides, who cares if we’re black or white
I don’t have a problem with that at all..but the one thing that bothers me is when somebody who’s black, asian..and so forth. have blond, straight hair with coloured contacts and then put down white women. It’s a bit of hypocritical. Aside from that…do your thing.

Doesn’t bother me.
perhaps ur the one with the issue…

u shouldn’t care what other people think, unless u think just like the people u discuss…
coz it is not normal ..but iam black too and i have blonde hair

nicely who cares what different ppl think of you. In the event that they dont like it o effectively guess there going to have to deal with it.. but whatever to those ppl..I dont have a problem with it i dont real care for those who wear Hollister clothes either. ithink different ppl should stay out of other ppls lives ..and mine there own..!!!!!(going out to ppl tht said that to you)

perhaps they assume it appears unnatural.. or that you’re making an attempt to be white
I mean. I don’t give a crap have whatever hair you need however some folks do not like me ‘cuz I have tattoos and piercings and stuff so maybe it is the same form of people

They probably assume that it appears to be like really unnatural, or that it doesn’t suit your skin tone, or that you’re attempting to grow to be white. D’: That’s pretty ridiculous. Folks bounce to conclusions lots, especially when something that they do not understand pops up.

Everyone has their very own opinions, although, and it doesn’t matter what you do you are at all times going to seek out someone who would not prefer it. But as long as you prefer it, don’t let anyone else get you down~ you’ve got got guts, and more people will appreciate that you are brave and are not afraid to do what you need, than the individuals who just wish to convey you down.

dont giv a rattling to wat ppl say
no 1 has the appropriate to discriminate

simply b urself
ppl suppose indians donno english

i know thats not true
i do know english..some1 refused to imagine that im indian ..simply coz they felt that my english was good

my level is that u turquoise human hair extensions dont turn into wat people say u r
if some1 tells me “ur not indian” … i dont lose my nationality

the identical way if they are saying ..u look bad with blonde hair..u dont begin wanting unhealthy with blonde hair

im sixteen and going via a hell lotta probs in skool..i dont care..let em suppose wat they wanna ..inform them that they cant make fun of u

b confident bout urself okay
cheer up and face the world with satisfaction


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